American living in the UK baffled as to why Brits have ‘fake’ windows

An American who lives in the UK was left confused as to why some Brits have 'fake' windows.

After moving across the pond, it seems that the US expat is never short of experiencing culture shock.

So much so they've made a whole year long TikTok series about their 'shocking' British discoveries – like our style of parking and tree safety.

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But this time around, the American stumbled upon a very unusual looking house.

Unusual how? Well, once they looked up they realised that the bricks and mortar lacked any glass in the windows and instead were completely covered up.

"Can someone please tell me why almost all British people put huge fake windows on their homes", the American pleaded in a viral video.

Although, they did have their own theory.

"Do they not like the sun?", they asked.

Well, we are famous for grey clouds and drizzly rain!

In response to the Americans confusion, many Brits took to the comments to attempt to inform them – and mock them.

One person commented: "Window tax, back in the day so everyone boarded them up as to not be taxed more."

Another user added: "Historic window tax, less windows less tax."

While a third mocked: "We don't need windows we don't get any sun."

Someone else chuckled: "It's because the vampires live there."

Meanwhile, a fifth wrote: "Old homes have bricked up windows because they used to have to pay a tax for every window in their home."

Despite many people attempting to explain the history behind the 'fake' windows, the American still did not quite understand the reason.

"I don’t get it," the US expat admitted.

Elsewhere, an American visiting the UK had a hard time when they arrived to their hotel room.

Once they made it to the bathroom to freshen up, the holidaying US citizen couldn't quite make out what one item was for.

Only to discover it was a radiator…


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