Blind woman sent d*** pic from fan – and her screen reader calls it a ‘mushroom’

A blind woman has left TikTok users in fits of laughter after she recorded her screen reader describing a man's nude photo as a "mushroom".

Claire Sisk, who posts under the username @canseecantsee, explained that she relies on a screen reader to tell her what's on her phone – whether that be words or pictures.

So, when a man sends her a picture of his appendage, her phone will verbally tell her what it sees in the image – and sometimes it comes up with the wildest descriptions.

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In the video, which has gained more than 59,000 likes, Claire explained: "I'm blind and I get sent a lot of lower regional area pictures from guys.

"Maybe they don't believe I'm blind, but I rely on a screen reader to narrate my phone to me and it also narrates images. I have just received an image and I have to share this with you."

She then presses her phone, and it says: "One face. Probable a mushroom growing in the ground. X 7:52."

Hundreds of viewers took to the comments in hysterics at the situation with some requesting that she make it a series.

One user wrote: "Oh my goodness – you need to make a series of these."

Another added: "Your reply “Why did you send me a pic of a mushroom?”

A third said: "Oh that’s amazing. Your screen reader is savage."

A fourth commented: "Haha ego also buried in the ground after that description! That one hurts!"

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