Bloke accidentally gives himself wonky haircut while going live on Facebook

When it comes to getting a haircut – sometimes it's better to leave it to the professionals.

One bloke learned the hard way after he went live on Facebook while giving himself a trim with the shears but he soon realised he'd made a mistake.

He was trying to make the front of his hairline straight after putting waves in his hair but it ended off going wonky as one side of his hairline was further back than the other.

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His video was then inundated with laugh reactions when he realised his mistake as his friends commented on it calling him "fried" and asking him "what the hell he did."

TikTok user @bme.3g4l shared a small clip of his blunder from his live session, simply captioned: "What was I thinking?"

The video gained multiple likes since it was posted to the app on Saturday as his followers left some hilarious suggestions of how he can fix his epic fail.

One user said: "You gotta wear a wave cap forever, Married, 1st child, Divorced, funeral."

Another wrote: "His hairline will never grow back the same."

One of his Facebook friends suggested: "Shave the hair from your beard and glue it on your head."

A fourth wrote: "Spray some black hairspray on it until it grows back."

However, others were more concerned about how he seemed to keep going after realising his error and urged him to stop messing with his hair.

One said: "Dude stop man, you're f**king up bro."

Another added: "Why he keep looking like he doing sumnnnn. Ah man."

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The news comes after a heartbroken woman took to TikTok to share the drastic before and after of a failed salon appointment after the stylist caused chemical burns on the side of her face.

Deborah Lynn was hoping to add some highlights to her curly hair but her salon appointment ended in her looking like "Frankenstein's bride", according to her followers.

She explained that the hairstylist had tried to bleach her thick, black curls rather than just part them like she wanted and even left some of the peroxide on her face, causing chemical burns on her skin.


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