Churchill Downs Racetrack to Celebrate Kentucky Derby’s 150-Year History With ‘The Derby’ Series (EXCLUSIVE)

In celebration of the Kentucky Derby’s 150th anniversary in 2024, Churchill Downs Racetrack has partnered with Roundtable Entertainment and Wrigley Media to produce the upcoming series “The Derby.”

The show doesn’t yet have a telecast partner, but will be shopped to global Kentucky Derby broadcasters at the Mipcom programming conference. “There is nothing more thrilling than the spectacle of the Kentucky Derby. We are very excited to partner with Roundtable Entertainment and Wrigley Media Group to share this extraordinary experience with our fans around the world,” said Mike Anderson, Churchill Downs Racetrack president, in a statement.

Season 1 of “The Derby” will take viewers behind the scenes of the prestigious horse racing event in Louisville, Ky., spotlighting the various figures, exclusive soirees and festivals in its 150-year history. The series will also reveal untold stories behind the Kentucky Derby’s coveted legacy.

“As the CEO and proud owner of a Lexington-based production company and a horsewoman myself, I cannot think of a better production partnership than with Churchill Downs Racetrack,” said Misdee Wrigley Miller, Wrigley Media Group CEO and owner. “We’re excited to work with Roundtable Entertainment to bring the true essence of the Kentucky Derby experience to life.”

Roundtable co-founder Griffin Gmelich added, “The partnership with Wrigley Media Group to immerse viewers in the lifestyle surrounding Churchill Downs Racetrack and the Kentucky Derby, is a perfect fit. Not only are they based in Kentucky and authentic to the project, but with their help we are able to utilize Kentucky’s robust film incentive to minimize production costs and maximize efficiencies.”

Gmelich and Cary Floyd will serve as executive producers alongside Miller and Wrigley Media Group’s Ross Babbit.

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