Commonwealth Games volunteer steals the show with outrageous dance

Going for gold! Commonwealth Games worker becomes a surprise hit with his VERY flamboyant dance routine while raking sand at the beach volleyball

  • A Commonwealth Games volunteer danced flamboyantly instead of raking sand
  • Dan Rae, from London, danced around his sand rake ash he ‘stole the show’
  • Officials for the Commonwealth Games added: ‘The moves are undeniable’

It’s not every day you’ve got the world’s cameras focused on you and this Commonwealth Games volunteer certainly took the opportunity by the horns.

Instead of sweeping sand for the next volleyball match, Dan Rae, a dancer from London, gyrated around his rake, ‘stealing the show’ in the process. 

The Commonwealth Games even posted about his funky moves at the stadium in Birmingham.

This dancer took the chance to be in the limelight as he performed some mesmerising moves at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham 

He swirled around his rake as he showed off his top dancing while his colleagues swept the sand

Dan Rae is a dancer from London and is thought to be in Birmingham with a troupe of performers

Beach volleyball matches are being played at Smithfield stadium in Birmingham. Pictured: The game between Maldives and Rwanda during the Commonwealth Games on August 1

The official Commonwealth Games TikTok account posted: ‘When they’re a ten but steal the show. 11/10 would employ again.’

Officials for the Games added: ‘The moves are undeniable… it’s his world, we’re just living in it.’

While the dancer wowed the crowd with his dance in a pair of crocs, his colleagues seemed to ignore him and carry on with their job. 

Social media users were quick to watch the video, which has racked up hundreds of thousands of views in a single day.

One suggested he should receive a ‘pay rise’ while another wondered whether he was brought in as some ‘halftime entertainment or something’. 

The Games lasts for a week and a half from July 28 to August 8, with 72 countries and more than 5,000 athletes competing in 280 events.

British athletes compete under the separate nations of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for the Games, giving them a rare chance to fly their national flags in the sporting arena. 

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