Curvy women dont wear tight clothes for attention – Im tired of being judged

A mum has slammed people who criticise curvy women for wearing tighter clothing saying they don't do it "for attention."

Anneliese King, who has more than 280,000 followers on Instagram, posts content to enable parents to feel "seen" and also to help women feel better about themselves.

Promoting self-love and body positivity, Anneliese uses her platform to share real and authentic content as a way of supporting and encouraging other mums.

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She recently posted a candid snap of herself wearing a blue bikini on Instagram that showed off her voluptuous bust and natural curves.

It was accompanied by a caption that read: "I didn't know who needs to hear this, but curvy women aren’t wearing tight clothes, revealing clothes, or bikinis for ATTENTION, or (gasp) to be slutty.

"We’re just here, having a hard a*** time finding clothes that fit, but don’t make us look larger than we are and that minimise boob sweat."

She said picking out clothes has always been something that she's "struggled with" as she doesn't want to offend people, but she also doesn't want to be left feeling frumpy.

The mum said she's "tired" of feeling self-conscious and wishing that she still saw a younger version of herself when she looks in the mirror.

Writing on Instagram, she said: "This is always something I’ve struggled with.

"I choose clothes that won’t offend anyone, but a lot of the time I end up feeling and looking bigger than I am.

"And to be quite frank, why is it a big deal? This is how my body is, and it has nothing to do with anyone else."

She continued: "Each year I feel self conscious, and each year I look back at the previous year, wishing I still looked like that girl.

"It’s such a mindf***, and I’m tired of it.

"I bought two bikinis this year and I just said f*** it. I know I’m a mother, but I’m also just trying to get a sun tan, okay?

"What’s your issue when buying clothes? Because we all have them.

"And I just want to stop obsessing over clothing, sizes, etc. you know what I mean?"

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Since sharing the post Anneliese has received hundreds of comments from women all over the world, and more than 7,000 people liked her picture.

Many people have said they just want to feel "comfy" in the clothes they wear – and praised her for speaking out about the topic.

One person commented: "I don't want to look sexy – I just want to be comfy, and not look like everything is a tunic or a mumu."

A second said: "I fluctuate back and fourth in weight.

"I don't know why we are all so p***ed off about women just trying to feel sexy/human here and there."

A third added: "I'm chunky and I wear tight clothes because I want to wear tight clothes. Stop with the apologetics."


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