Entitled woman blasts f****** disgusting UberEats driver

An influencer named Ari was enraged by an interaction with UberEats A delivery driver named responded to Ari’s message asking where her food was and if it was on the way. The driver wrote: “Yes is it just give me one moment just using the restroom.”

Ari wrote: “Can you please bring my food to the door before that? My concierge is waiting on you.”

The delivery driver responded: “I’ll have my husband do it.” But this was enough for Ari to cancel her order.

Ari wrote to her followers: “This is f****** disgusting and unprofessional as f***!!! @UberEats I canceled my order so fast, I’m never using UberEats another day in my life. Y’all workers doing s*** like this F****** GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The message has over 8.8K followers and 13M views on the app. Uber Support reached out and said: “Hey Ari- we’re very sorry about this and understand the concern here. We’ll be reaching out shortly in-app.”

Ari said: “Y’all got some nerve! The delivery guy never delivered my food and I was charged $40 and had to find something else for us to eat.”

While some sympathised with Ari’s concerns, others were confused and called her “entitled”.

One wrote: “Do y’all know how entitled you have to be to swear off using a company simply because the driver was being honest with you about what caused a few seconds delay.”

Others reminded Ari that delivery drivers and even chefs do have to use the toilet. One said: “You don’t think them people at the restaurant be using the bathroom?”

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“If you mad she using the bathroom…wanna guess what the people who actually cook the food do,” another said.

Another wrote: “Just want to make sure you know that pretty much everyone with which you have interacted in any way used the bathroom at some point prior to your interaction.”

However, others complained about other negative experiences with similar food delivery companies. One wrote: “@DoorDash_Help didn’t give me my refund when the driver text and said he was making a stop to take a smoke break! And my food was cold and smelled like cigarettes. They said I’ve made too many complaints when I only had 2 credits issued outta 12 orders.”

Another said: “@DoorDash is no better. I’ve been waiting for like a week to get a refund on an order that had hair in my food and like four slices of cheese stacked on top of each other. Disgusted.”

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