Gran’s mission to find stranger who held her as she sobbed in Primark

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Susie Moon was shopping at Primark’s store in Birkenhead, Merseyside at 11am on Saturday, June 18. She told Liverpool Echo she had just reached the front of the queue when her phone rang. She said she knew it was going to be bad news.

The call was from a nursing home to tell Susie her mother-in-law, Lilian Riley, had died. Lilian, 82, had suffered from dementia for two years.

Susie, who lives in Bebington, Merseyside, said: “I was in pieces and burst into tears. I was bewildered and uncomfortable because I was in the middle of Primark and there was a massive queue behind me.”

A stranger saw Susie was crying and knew exactly what she needed. The lady didn’t ask her what was wrong but put her arms around her, gave her a tissue and comforted her.

Susie said: “It meant everything to me. This lady could see that I didn’t know what to do and I couldn’t shop anymore.

“I’m desperate to find this lady to thank her for her empathy and kindness. She was just so kind and it meant a lot to me that she was there for me.”

In the shock of the moment, Susie later found it difficult to remember what the stranger looked like – but her empathy for someone she’d never met before stood out in her mind.

She hopes word will spread far enough to find the woman so she can give her some flowers to thank her.

The tragedy follows news last week that a newborn baby fell down an escalator at a Primark store in front of horrified shoppers. 

The horror is believed to have happened at the branch in Romford, east London, in front of customers who’ve since expressed their shock and concern.

The accident happened last Monday, when a Primark spokesperson said that colleagues were on-hand to provide support, and sent their good wishes to the family. 

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