Hilarious photos show cats resting in the unlikeliest of places

Time for a cat nap! Hilarious photos capture pets taking a rest wherever they can fit – from a mixing bowl to a steering wheel

  • Cat lovers have shared cute pictures of their pets taking naps in strange places
  • Viral site Defused have collated the photos into a hilarious gallery
  • One image shows a mog napping in a cardboard box that is a bit of a squeeze
  • Meanwhile another shows a feline snoozing on a jewellery shop window display

Cats are known as some of the most elegant creatures in the animal kingdom, thanks to their good looks and grace.

But as these images, shared by people from around the world and collated into a gallery by defused show, they aren’t always the picture of decorum.

Thanks to cats’ love of laziness, they can often be found squashing or draping themselves in, around, and on the most unlikely of places.

Among the photographs, one shows a feline sitting in the bowl of a kitchen mixer, while another shows a moggie nestled into a car’s steering wheel.

Here, FEMAIL rounds up some of the strangest place cats like to sit…

Finding errant fur in your baked goods is one of the occupational hazards of sharing your home with a cat – certainly for the humans who live with this handsome mog in the US

This Russian moggie has tucked herself into the steering wheel of a car – and if the look on her face is anything to go by, she has no plans of moving

Ok, so the sofa is a perfectly normal place to snuggle. But usually one sits on the seat, rather than flinging oneself along the top of the cushions…

Is that really…comfortable? You just know there is a cat bed somewhere in this house, but this furry critter from the US prefers to squish into a very small box

Perhaps the top of the microwave is warm? Because it isn’t soft, big enough, or any of the other things you’d want from a napping spot, although this Australian mog disagrees

Treasure: this is a cat who knows her own worth, snuggling among gold jewellery to have an upmarket (but deeply uncomfortable) snooze

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It may be cold, hard, and too small, but this basin is no match for this cat, who’s capable of making a cosy bed out of anything

This windowsill planter box offers a contained sun trap for this feline, who is thought to live in France, and who seems contented to stop for a snooze

This moggie, thought to be in the UK, looks both oddly regal and defiant at the same time, sitting atop a pile of rubbish bags

Surely it’s worth getting fur in your mouth (and being stuck under there for a while) to enjoy the affection of this glorious feline, who’s thought to be US-based

These cats are taking advantage of their superior athleticism to keep an eye on the humans from their high vantage point

Perhaps this adorable little ginger moggie just really wanted to go on holiday with their humans?

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