I cant get a job due to my extreme ink – but Id love to be a lawyer

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    A mum infamous for her tattoo 'addiction' revealed she still can't get a job after 20 years – but she'd love to be a lawyer.

    Melissa Sloan, 46, is considered to be 'Britain's most tattooed mum' due to her eye-popping ink collection.

    She boasts more than 800 tattoos – and has lost count of how many she actually has.

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    However, the Welsh parent-of-two primary school aged children faces a lot of prejudice for her unique look.

    From being mistaken as a bank robber to being banned from entering tattoo parlours, Melissa doesn't have much luck.

    And, she claims, that she still can't get employed because of her three layers of face ink done 'prison style' by her partner at home.

    Speaking exclusively to Daily Star in the 'My Colourful Life' series, Melissa said: "I haven’t worked for 20 years.

    "I have applied for jobs and they look at me and say 'what is this', like I’m not a human being.

    "I would love a job and prove them all wrong because all the time they keep saying to me 'we don’t want to give you a job, no one will give you a job.'

    "I’d love to be a solicitor or a lawyer in crime because I always used to be in trouble with the police myself. So I think I could do that job."

    Melissa has even offered to scrub toilets – but claims no employer will take her on.

    She said people, especially in a professional setting, view her as "worthless" because of her body art collection.

    So with ambitions to work in the criminal justice system, the mum certainly has her work cut out for her.

    She wants people to stop judging a book by its cover – and argues she's just like everyone else.

    Melissa said: “People don’t like me with my tattoos on my face because they just look at you like you’re worthless, like you’re nothing.

    “They don’t want people like us with tattoos on their face.

    “They don’t understand us, do they?

    “We’re just exactly the same as anyone else.

    “We breathe the same, we live the same – but they just don’t want to know."

    Previously, Melissa added: “They don’t know me, I’m a fun and caring person.

    “I’ll probably be the one to help you if you’re dying on the street, and the normal person with no tattoos on their face wouldn’t help you."

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