‘I earn £50k a month on OnlyFans – but people dont understand how hard it is

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Tech nerd Brie Nightwood has been chasing money ever since she was 12-years-old.

Back then, while her pals were hanging out in shopping centres, Brie was coding and selling software.

And 10 years on, she is still using technology to bolster her ever growing back account.

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That’s because Brie, now 22, is making up to £50,000 a month selling sexy snaps on OnlyFans.

But chatting with Daily Star, the Las Vegas entrepreneur said her enviable income is not something that is achieved easily.

Speaking about what it takes to be profitable on the saucy subscription platform, she said: “It depends what you define as success.

“Do you just want enough money to sustain your current lifestyle? Or do you want to take this to the next level and make a life changing amount of money to the point where you can comfortably retire before the age of 40?

“If you prefer the second path then yes, it’s much more difficult than what most would imagine.”

Brie earns between £25,000 to £50,000 every month on the platform – while also getting rich from other revenue streams.

She runs her own company, Nightwood Media, where services are offered to OnlyFans creators such as promo and assistant work – and that alone makes her up to £480,000 a year.

And speaking of her own page, she said: “Since it is quite large and requires a lot of upkeep to maintain my stats, I dedicate about 40-60 hours per week working on the platform.”

She initially joined during the pandemic after hearing “wonderful things” about earning potential.

At the time she was a webcammer who was trying to earn some extra cash to help with tuition fees.

But money is no longer a cause for concern and her loved ones could not be more pleased for her.

Brie said: “Despite growing up in an extremely strict household they took the news of me joining OnlyFans quite well and they are very proud of my accomplishments.”

And she advised other parents not to come down hard on their daughter if she ever said she was interested in becoming an adult model.

She said: “I'd recommend not to express any anger or hostility or else it will just make her want to rebel and go even further than originally intended.

“A better approach would be to guide her and ask her to analyse whether or not pursuing OnlyFans would benefit or harm her future plans.”

Referencing Charlie Sheen lashing out at his ex-wife Denise Richards after their daughter Sami announced she was turning to the platform, Brie added: “I think he should have been more mature about the situation instead of immediately putting the blame on his ex-wife.

“As if she’s responsible for every little decision his daughter makes.”

And asked what an appropriate age would be for a young woman to consider the racy platform, she added: “As long as you’re over 18, age doesn’t matter.

“It’s all about maturity and comfort levels. But it is very important to take into consideration the high likelihood that someone you know will see your content.

“If you’re not ok with people finding out then I wouldn’t recommend this line of work.”


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