I live in the most haunted city in southern US – we all have an extra occupant

A Ghost Guide revealed that she lives in the ‘most haunted town’ in southern America – and believes every resident has an ‘extra’ occupant.

Rebekah, lives in Wilmington, North Carolina, US, where she is no stranger to spotting ghosts and speaking to them.

The 31-year-old, who is also a medium, experienced signs that she has a special set of skills since being a child.

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But due to reasons like religion and mental health, she learnt to suppress her sixth sense.

However, it wasn’t until Rebekah moved to Wilmington that she felt the spiritual urge arise once again.

Although she didn’t know her new address was in one of the spookiest places in the US, it didn’t take long for her to find out.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star, Rebekah revealed what it is like living in the spiritually awakened town – and having a popular house for non-human guests.

“Wilmington is one of the most haunted cities in the American south”, she explained.

“The running joke is that every building below 5th Street has an extra occupant that isn't paying rent.

“The house I moved into was nicknamed ‘the bus stop’ because of all the in and out activity happening there.

“It was confirmed by every guest we ever had who stayed the night. It was either move out from fear or finally give myself the space I needed to meet my potential.

“I chose the latter.”

Since keeping an open mind to the paranormal, Rebekah became well acquainted with her ghostly 'neighbours' and 'roommates'.

“My skill sets have grown! It used to be that I could only feel a heat of chill if someone was nearby", she alleged.

“Now I can get mental images of what they looked like, and can hear their voice in my head if they want to speak.

“[I] can feel more definition from touch, for those I allow to touch me – most I do not.

“I'm not a huggy person in any stretch of the word.”

But what makes Wilmington so spooky?

Well, its rich history of pirates, bloody wars and plagues make it quite obvious as to why.

The Ghost Guide explained: “Wilmington is one of the older colonial port cities in the United States.

“Before Spanish and eventually English settlers came to the area it was populated by what is speculated to be a branch of the Waccamaw Tribe.

“The settlers knew so little about them they never even got a name of who they were talking to before war began.

“The Wilmington area would see more war – pirates (Blackbeard was captured just off our shore), the American Revolution (General Cornwallis had a stent here), Civil War (Wilmington was the last Confederate port city).

Rebekah continued: “Violent race disputes (the only successful overthrow of the US government was the Coup d'etat of 1898), and deadly run-ins between cops and rum-runners during the prohibition era.

“The city would burn down almost to its entirety no less than three times. There were Scarlet Fever, Yellow Fever, and Flu outbreaks.

“All of this happened where people reside and work today."

With a lengthy past of death and horror, Wilmington is not short of providing Rebekah with edge of the seat experiences.

“Back when I was in denial of my abilities I was attracting things without realising it, I had a few things follow me home", she candidly admitted.

“In those times I wasn't actively protecting my space….ya live and ya learn.

"I went to a place called 'Gallows Hill'. It's just like it sounds.

“There was the town Gallows on the highest hill coming into town around the early 1800s.

“Now there's a house and parking lot on top of a bunch of unmarked graves of guilty men.

“There's some non-human stuff that hangs out there in addition to the souls who wander the grounds and house. One thought it would be fun to follow me home. It started with a sense of anxiety. Getting more attention than I was asking for.

"The feeling of being followed but no one being there. Then it was footsteps", she recalled.

"I turned and saw nothing.

"The footsteps got closer. Thinking that it may have been a corporeal person, I pulled out my keys as a defence. The steps quickened and right as they were on me I turned to strike.

Rebekah did not spot anyone, but certainly could 'feel' something getting a little too close for comfort.

"I saw no one but I felt something move behind my shoulders. There was a hard sound of air as if someone had sighed next to my ear", she said.

“At that point, I called up my partner and we cut that thing off from me right on the sidewalk before I went inside.

“The spirit stayed out on the street and I felt it staring at the house for three days after.”

Sounds like Wilmington really does live up to its reputation

You can follow Rebekah on TikTok here.


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