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A SHOP owner who models himself on wheeler-dealer Del Boy in running Britain’s “cheapest sweet shop” – and locals can’t get enough.

Bez Norbury, 32, launched low-cost Goodies last August after spending years running market stalls and car boots.

The cut-price trader has a web of contacts who sell him a pick n mix of chocolate, crisps and lollies at bargain basement prices.

Bez’s special offers include imported Cheetos popcorn from the USA – which he sells for £1 where others sell for £7.99 – over 700 per cent cheaper.

Customers at his stop in Loughborough, Leics, can score eight full-size Wispa bars for £1 – or two blocks of posh Green & Blacks chocolate for a quid.

Cans of pop sell for just 50p – while Coca-Cola signature mixers on sale in Sainsbury’s for £1.35 each are three for £1.

Dad-of-three Bez said: “I started on stalls and markets buying chocolates with short dates and I realised that there was money to be made.

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“But it took me a long time to find the wholesalers who could provide me with the stock – it was like they didn’t want to be found.

“But I’ve been able to build a relationship with them and I’ve been able to go cheaper and cheaper.

“We barely make anything on an item but selling it in volume, and fast, makes a lot more money.

“People love it. Where else can you pick up eight full size chocolate bars for a pound?

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“Before I buy anything I check how much it is in Farmfoods, B&M, Tesco – I have to make sure I’m cheaper, otherwise I won’t buy it.”

And his deals are not just restricted to confectionery – he is selling pillows that retail in M&S for £40 for just £6.99. Tea lovers can score 240 bags of Typhoo for £3.

His secret to success is to replenish his entire store with new stock every two weeks.

Bez said: “We have hardly any regular lines and that’s what makes us stand out.

“The difference between my shop and every other is that I change it all the time because it keeps people coming in.

“Orange chocolate Fingers in Tesco are £1.25. I had them in my shop last week at three for £1.

“I’m not into paying higher prices and having to put that cost onto customers.


Prices checked on August 9, 2022

Topic Whole Hazelnut vegan chocolate 100g

Goodies £1, Morrisons £3

Maltesers box 110g

Goodies £1, Sainsbury’s £1.50

Coca-Cola Signature Mixers 200ml

Goodies 3 for £1, Sainsbury’s £1.35 each

Jolly Rancher lollipops

Goodies 10 for £3, Mr Simms Sweet Shop 10 for £3.90

Marshmallows 140g

Goodies 3 for £1, RRP £1 each

Heinz Garlic Mayo

Goodies 2 for £1, Ocado £1.70

Typhoo 240 tea bags

Goodies £3, Tesco £3.75

Tyrell’s crisps 60g

Goodies 50p, RRP £1

“I’m a bit of a Del Boy, me. I like all the banter and the bargains.

“I just want to make enough money to support my family and make some nice memories. I’m not interested in making millions and expanding.”

Bez, whose stepson Alex, 16, works alongside him, now has a loyal following of customers who have hailed his shop as the “cheapest in Britain”.

Alison Sadler, 68, from Loughborough, said: “I come in here all the time – it must be the cheapest shop in Britain.

“There are always bargains to be had and everything you come in, there is always new stuff.

“I’m partial to the Green & Blacks chocolate, which is two packs for £1. You don’t get deals like that in the supermarkets.

“It’s just a brilliant little place – it’s always well stocked and very friendly.”

Alison added: "I would think it must be Britain's cheapest sweet shop.

"In these current times where you're having to watch every penny, a shop like this is really appreciated in the locality."

Goodies fan Jacqui Wilkinson, 50, added: “A place like this is great. I’ve just bought my husband some sweet treats.

“Given the rocketing cost of everything else, it’s nice to be able to save a few pennies here and there.”

Unlike retailers whose costs have surged in recent months as inflation bites, Bez has vowed to keep prices down.

He said: “To be honest, a lot of retailers are taking advantage by increasing their prices across the board.

“But that’s not the case – not everything is going up.

“Crisps have gone up because of the war in Ukraine but things like chocolate I can still get dead cheap.

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“Now if I can get it dead cheap, then surely the supermarkets could too – if they wanted.

“My personal view is that they’re taking advantage.”

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