I was rushed to A&E with 'appendicitis' and left with my surprise baby girl – now we've lost her months later | The Sun

A MUM who had no idea she was pregnant was left heartbroken after losing her surprise baby girl just months after birth.

Hannah Muskett, 21, had no idea she was pregnant with Ava Louise until the very last minute, assuming her stomach pains were appendix-related.

Her mum rushed her to A&E and to Hannah's shock, she had a baby on the way.

Little Ava was born at 34 weeks and the family fell in love immediately.

But the adorable tot was diagnosed with a very rare condition – Allagiles Syndrome – and died just nine months later following complications, Leeds Live reports.

Ava's aunt, Samantha Brittain, told the publication: "She was with us over Christmas and then her journey began on December 29 when she was moved to Leeds Children's Hospital.

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“She had numerous tests, blood transfusions, surgeries and was fed via a tube.

“Everyone was putting their names forward for the transplant and Hannah was a match.

“They both went in for the transplant in May, and generally the transplant worked and after tests, they saw the liver was working but the Dr said, the kidneys should kick back in action.

“But in this case, it wasn’t, her kidney was failing."

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Due to Ava's premature birth, the little one was born with yellow skin and had to be kept in an incubator while doctors performed tests.

It was then that she was diagnosed with Allagiles Syndrome – a genetic disorder that may affect many different parts of the body, including the liver, heart, eyes, face, skeleton, blood vessels, and kidneys.

Those born with the condition can have a severe combination of symptoms and in Ava's case, it was affecting her liver.

Doctors told the family Ava needed a transplant, however, she only weighed about the same as a bag of sugar so they had to wait to perform the operation.

Hannah ended up being the match and following the surgery, the doctors noticed her liver function had returned.

Unfortunately, Ava then began experiencing issues with her kidneys.

The morning after the transplant Ava went into cardiac arrest and she was gone for around four minutes.

Medics managed to revive her at first, but she tragically died after the third arrest.

Ava, who Samantha described as the "happiest, smiliest and sassiest baby," died of kidney failure and sepsis at 2am on June 1, aged just nine months old.

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Her family has since set up a Gofundme page to help raise money for an urn and memorial bench.

They also want to raise awareness for the condition, which none of the family had heard of until Ava was diagnosed.

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