Ignorant drivers block cycle lane but city council have no power to stop it

A cyclist group has been left outraged as an "epidemic" of motorists keep blocking cycle lanes.

Drivers are being warned of the problem as Greater Manchester Police have received a lot of complaints.

Some motorists have since been fined for blocking the cycle paths, reports Manchester Evening News.

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Trafford council claimed they were investigating the problem, but are unable to restrict parking on the road.

As there are no traffic regulation orders (TRO) in place there isn't much they can do.

Council bosses are now pushing police to take action and will be conducting a review into harsher enforcement in the area.

Claire Stocks, of the Walk Ride campaign group in Manchester, said: "Increasingly, drivers are seeming to park in very anti-social ways, and we are seeing it up and down the country.

"We want the Government to introduce a pavement parking ban, but we also believe local councils can do more to introduce bans in specific areas.

"We have a problem because there are so many more cars on the roads. There are probably four times as many cars on the road now as when I was young.

"When people get behind a wheel, they often see a space and just think they can leave it there if there is no sign telling them not to do so."

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She added: "It is often because people are trying to avoid high parking costs, especially in cities, and we know built-up cities are not able to deal with so much heavy traffic and there isn't the space to park.

"Many people don't realise the impact they are having blocking a pavement or cycle lane and I think it is often not deliberate but it is ignorant.

"We see it with delivery drivers too, who are in a rush and park up willy-nilly wherever they can.

"It's impacting those who are trying to get around without a car. Cities like Manchester are pushing for a better travel network, whether that be on public transport, cycle lanes or pedestrianising areas."

A spokesperson for Trafford Council said: "We have been made aware of this issue, however, there are currently no traffic regulation orders (TRO) in place that restrict the parking of vehicles on that road.

"While we therefore can't enforce it, local councillors have been pushing the police to take action for some time and we welcome action taken by GMP using their powers.

"We would remind drivers that they should not park where they would cause an obstruction, particularly on cycle paths.

"Cycling is a great way to travel – it is cheaper, healthier and more environmentally friendly – so we take a strong view against cycle paths being blocked."

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