‘I’m a human Ken doll – I don’t care if I die getting plastic surgery’

A man who rose to fame as a real-life Ken doll has said he doesn’t care if he dies during his next plastic surgery.

Justin Jedlica, 42, from the US, has undergone 1,000 cosmetic procedures worth over $1million (£787,000).

Going under the knife for the first time when he was 18, Justin saw plastic surgery as the key to the elite lifestyle.

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Now he’s planning on another surgery, which is a $70,000 (£55,000) wolf masculinisation procedure with multiple facial implants, facelifts and incisions into his face.

"If I was to die, it would be dying for something I love!” he said in a video uploaded by Truly.

“I feel like I'm the pioneer for plastic surgery when it comes to men. I have to have more surgery and I continually have it because I do get addicted to that attention.

“It's gonna be a really big change, like a whole new Justin, a totally new Ken doll.”

Among Justin's operations are leg, chest, bicep and tricep implants as well as a brow bone shave and brow lift to define his face.

He has also had five nose jobs and countless millilitres of filler and botox injected into his face.

The influencer is always on the hunt for the next innovative procedure, which can feel like an endless cycle.

He has now become known as the man who gets extreme plastic surgery and while he enjoys having them done, it can also be a curse.

The 42-year-old admitted that he feels like with every new procedure, he has to "go bigger, riskier to get people’s attention".

“The wolf masculinisation procedure I'm planning on having it's going to be a deep plain neck lift, a deep plane facelift, a mid-face suspension and temporal suspension,” he explained.

“I'll have my upper lids done and I'll have a canthoplasty, which is like the cat eye procedure. I think with all of that in tandem with Dr Eppley cinching in the sides of my face, it's going to give more of a wolf look.

“I really enjoy looking snatched. I haven't worked on my face in a really long time, I'm a little scared to actually have face work done because what if you don't like it and people recognise you in a specific way.”

He added: “There's no end goal with my plastic surgery, I'll continue to be an artist and rethink and redefine what beauty means for me.”

Although the Human Ken Doll title saw him rising to fame and becoming a household name, Justin said it was never his intention to replicate the toy.

"I think it kind of demeans how much effort I put into learning about the human body and learning about plastic surgery," Justin said.

"Dare I say I don't love the title, but in a way, it's given me a lot. So all I could do is take it and run with it and monetise on it."

Before he can have his wolf masculinisation surgery, Justin needs to finish designing new implants with trusty doctors near his home in California – so watch this space.

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