‘I’m a real-life Ken doll – I’ve spent more than £60k on 80 plastic surgery ops’

A man has revealed the extreme lengths he’s gone to look like a doll.

Júnior Beviláqua, who has never revealed his age, has spent thousands on extreme plastic surgery.

And while the model and actor gained notoriety by being referred to as a Brazilian human Ken, he said this was never his intention.

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He spoke exclusively to Daily Star about his career and how he’s spent $80,000 (around £62,000) on plastic surgery.

“It was never my intention to look like Ken! But I already had a style very close to him,” he explained.

“I had the same hair colour, light eyes and fashionable clothes, so people automatically said it looked like him, even before the surgeries.

“All the surgeries I've had were in search of improving my look; consequently what already looked like a doll stayed the same!

“I confess that today I love being Ken because I have fun, I take pictures with people, and I give a lot of hugs in addition to receiving affection from the public.”

He added: “Ken is amazing! He opened many doors for me and took me to know many places through this work!”

So far, Júnior has had 80 procedures, including touch-ups and surgeries – and he plans on getting more.

The first operation he underwent was a nose job, and he said it was this that helped him pave the way to looking more and more like the iconic doll.

“It is thanks to the procedures that I look more like a doll, but in a completely unpretentious way; after all, it was never my intention to be Ken,” he said.

“People end up associating me with my style, hair and eyes and always refer to me as the doll.”

While people may criticise Júnior for his appearance, he doesn’t let it get to him.

He explained that he’s happy with his appearance and the lifestyle that looking like the doll has created for him.

“People at the beginning had a certain prejudice and criticised me,” he said.

“But the funniest thing is that the same people who criticised me for having a cosmetic procedure and said that it was getting exaggerated, sat in my doctor's chair and did too!

“Today I no longer receive criticism, in addition to having a word filter on Instagram that ends up filtering profanity and ugly words, blocking a lot of nasty comments, I end up not seeing it!”

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