‘I’m extreme body mod addict with inked eye and split tongue – but I’m not done’

A body modification addict revealed she's already planning her next extreme procedure.

Darcy Diamond stunned her fans when she got her other eye tattooed black and her tongue split.

Since those two procedures, the tattoo fan has been itching to get another job done on her appearance.

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Now she's planning to get pointed elf ears next and already thinking about a second split.

She told Fabulous Online: "I might even go for elf/pointed ears. You can't just stop at one modification.

"It's like when people say you can't just eat one crisp – you have to have more."

Darcy feels like her "true authentic self" since having her eyeballs tattooed and tongue split.

She often shows off her alternative look on Instagram and TikTok, where she's faced with rude trolls.

But although haters have their opinions, the Canadian simply doesn't care and she's ignoring the negativity.

Her family and friends are "totally cool" with her body modifications.

Also Darcy revealed how she gets strange looks from older teens and young adults.

She admitted: "The real stars are the kids and elders who shower me with compliments and endless curiosity.

"It's all good vibes."

People are usually curious as to how she manages to eat and drink with a split tongue.

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She claimed to have a liquid diet after Miami's Luna Cobra did the procedure, and now she's back to eating normally.

But sadly Darcy has to watch herself when she eats noodles – as that can become problematic.

The influencer continued: "They try to play hide-and-seek between the two halves of my tongue."

When it comes to regrets though, Darcy couldn't be more happier about her transformation.

In fact, she wish she started sooner.

"Life is too short to hold back on being your authentic, modified self," she concluded. "No looking back now!"

In other body modifications, a real-life vampire warned others about coping her after she wore a bikini.

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Maria José Cristerna has 49 body mods, including fanged teeth, a split tongue, titanium horns and eye pigmentations.

The Mexican is known as the "vampire woman" thanks to her extreme look.

But while she has fans, she also previously issued warnings to those thinking about following in her footsteps.

"The advice I would give is that you have to think about it a lot as it is irreversible," she suggested.

"I love the way I look, but you have to understand there are young people who are open to tattoos and piercings."

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