Influencer blasts idea of imperfections as she flaunts cellulite and acne

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It is thought that we should love ourselves no matter what flaws and imperfections we may have.

But, body positive influencer Emily Bispo has declared that she does not have any “imperfections” at all.

Common bodily features like cellulite and stretch marks have often been seen as ‘flaws’ on a woman for many years.

However, Emily, also known as Bunny, has shared that these parts of a body are not flaws but are just a ‘normal’ part of being human.

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The 23-year-old previously shared that she was called a “whale” by teenage boys for embracing her naturally curvy figure – and it certainly did not drag her down.

And, she is not letting beauty ideals stunt her self-love either.

In a recent TikTok clip, the stunner embraced a bare face as she rocked a tie dye top, a mini skirt and some sunglasses.

She shared: "Very normal human things you have been taught to hate.”

Emily then proceeded to flaunt areas of her body that are seen as a ‘flaw’ to some.

The influencer exposed her natural tum in a mini skirt and said: “Belly rolls when bending over or sitting down.

“Acne, smile lines, wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks”, Emily listed, as she caressed her skin to show off the above on her body.

“Shout out to all my “imperfections” that aren't even imperfections… they just mean I’m human,” the babe preached to her 1.3million TikTok followers.

Inspired by Emily’s body positive post, many people fled to the comments to thank her for helping them love their own bodies.

One person wrote: “You’re amazing & inspiring. Thank you for being you.”

Another user said: “I love stretch marks, means you're human.”

Whilst a third person praised: “Honestly I'm not at that level of confidence yet but I want to thank you for helping me love my body for the way it is one step at a time.”

Someone else shared: “Like none of us were put on the earth to follow other people's beauty standards. we are all beautiful.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person remarked: “Just wanted to let out that I now wear bikinis freely and I just recently started buying shirts and crop tops and I've made so much progress with the help of your videos.”


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