Influencer goes fully naked in ‘revenge’ selfie that would ‘make ex cry’

An influencer showed her ex what he’s missing by stripping off her clothes.

Mikaela Testa went fully naked for a full-frontal picture, which many have branded a “revenge” selfie.

The 22-year-old, from Queensland in Australia, scraped her hair off her face to let her curves do the talking.

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Her only accessories were a necklace and hoop earrings and she opted to keep her makeup neutral.

Mikaela, who has millions of followers across Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and OnlyFans, sent fans wild for the photo.

One wrote: “RIP to her ex.”

Another joked: “Mikaela Testa’s ex crying in the club right now after seeing her Twitter.”

A third wrote: “F***, @mikaelatesta why you gotta do that to us? Being your ex would suck.”

And a fourth added: “Imagine being Mikaela Testa’s ex right now.”

The influencer split from her last known boyfriend Atis back in June following a three-year romance.

At the time of the break-up, the pair told fans they made the "mutual" decision to part ways but remained friends.

However, it seems their friendship has since soured as they haven’t interacted much on social media recently.

It’s good news for the sexy model’s admirers though… as she’s currently single.

Mikaela recently confirmed she’s on Tinder – but you’ll have to meet a strict list of requirements to win her heart.

Her Tinder bio reads: "I'm 5'3 but I only like 6ft+ guys that have at least 7 inches and I'm looking for a soulmate so swipe left if you're not that.

"Also have to be jobless so you can come travel the world with me, I do OnlyFans so I can support us both. So if you're not down to be my MUNCH then swipe left."


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