Ive been single for 5 years and will pay anyone £3k if they find me husband

A woman on a desperate search to meet Mr Right is offering a "referral bonus" to anyone who finds her a fella.

Eve Tilley-Coulson, 35, wants to find love but it hasn't come easy for her.

The corporate litigation lawyer, from Los Angeles, US, is now so desperate that she's offering people money to help.

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She told New York Post: "A while ago, I told my friends I'd pay them $5,000 (£3,800) if they introduce me to a husband.

"And I figured, why not open the offer up to TikTok?"

So back in June, she told her 101,000 fans: "If you introduce me to my husband and I marry him. I will give you £3,800."

The proposal scooped more than 556,000 views at the time.

However nothing's come of it yet, as she continued: "I haven't gone on any dates yet.

"But people are definitely motivated to help."

Eve thinks her incentive price is reasonable too.

She added: "I've been single for about five years now, meeting people in person and on the apps.

"But since Covid, there's been a weird shift in dating culture.

"Guys don't approach you in person, and most of the men on apps aren't swiping to seriously date."

There are strict rules though as people only receive the money once the marriage certificate is signed.

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She insisted lucky candidates must fall within the age range of 27 to 40, stand 5ft 11in or taller.

They must boast "British" sense of humour and have strong interests in sports, animals and kids.

Eve is adamant about finding a guy with some height on him as she stands about 5ft 10in tall herself.

She added: "I've dated men insecure about my height, asking me not to wear heels and that didn't make me feel good."

In terms of long-distance relationships, Eve would be keen if he's her Mr Right.

The singleton concluded: "My perfect guy is the perfect wedding date: He can take a shot with my brother, dance with my grandma, he knows how to work the room but also comes back to check on me.

"He's a well-rounded chameleon."

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