Kate has a ‘leadership charisma’ but doesn’t ‘bark orders’, expert claims

While Kate, Princess of Wales is not yet Queen, one day her husband Prince William will sit on the throne.

Body language expert Judi James told Express.co.uk what kind of leader she thinks Kate is at heart.

According to the expert, the royal is firm but definitely not unreasonable or cross.

Judi said: “You might not see Kate as someone leading the charge or barking out orders in an emergency.

“But her leadership style, which we are slowly seeing more of recently, would be seen as an ideal form of leadership charisma for the workplace.”

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Rather than instil fear, the Princess has a knack for making others feel at ease, claimed the expert.

This is obvious when Kate meets members of the public and can instantly create a rapport with them.

For example, earlier this year Kate had such an authentic reaction to reuniting with a former teacher.

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She also uses proximity to connect with her youngest royal fans, crouching down to meet their level, in one instance potentially making a little boy’s “year”.

Judi explained: “Kate uses several techniques that seem to bring the best out in the people she is meeting.

“She has an easy-going, keen energy that signals interest and curiosity.”

She continued: “Her symmetric smile is a contagious smile, aimed at helping others relax, and her hand gestures are almost literally pulling information and stories out of the people she meets.”

Despite her incredibly high social status and royal role, “she looks encouraging but not overwhelming or intimidating”.

“Her hands will often be splayed, her brows raised in a gesture of genuine interest and her eye contact soft enough to suggest active engagement but without becoming a stare or a glare.”

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