Lads beach proposal goes disastrously wrong as he loses fat rock in the sand

A lad attempted to be romantic and propose to his girlfriend on the beach – but only realised he lost the ring when he was about to pop the question.

Declaring your love with getting engaged is a huge step in the right direction for a relationship.

But Holly Sheddan's big moment didn't quite go to plan.

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In a TikTok clip that has racked up a million views, her boyfriend filmed the romantic moment in Cathedral Cove, New Zealand.

With no one else around, he intimately pulled Holly in to give her a kiss and a cuddle before the magic moment.

Holly wrote: “Point of view, this was supposed to be your engagement vid but your boyfriend lost the ring on the way here.” Awkward…

The boyfriend stood next to Holly as they both smiled at the camera, as she wrote on the screen his apparent thoughts during the build up to the big moment.

“Ok, it’s now or never” she wrote.

Getting more into shot, the lad walked Holly a little closer to the camera and wrapped his arm around her shoulder as he reached into his pocket.

But no ring was to be found.

He continued to search as he kissed Holly trying to stall the grand gesture.

However, the jewellery was gone.

Visibly baffled, the lad tried to play it off as he scratched his head and pulled down his sunglasses.

“How the f*** do I tell her?”

He continued to stall and made a comment about how beautiful Holly is.

Despite looking, the ring is still no where to be found so Holly took to TikTok to share the awkward moment.

“Run don't walk to Cathedral Cove. You might just find yourself a fat rock”, she chuckled.

One person commented: “We all saw his life flash in front of his eyes.”

Another user added: “Damn that’s some bad luck.”

While a third voiced: “I would have proposed anyway then go find the ring together.”

Someone else mentioned: “Please god I hope he had insurance.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person giggled: “Dude tried to play it off so smoothly ahah.”

Despite the missing ring, not all hope for their romance is lost.

Holly confessed: “I’d still say yes even if he proposed with a burger ring so it doesn’t matter.”


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