Live-in nanny given shipping container to stay in which trolls says a prison

A woman has gone viral for showing her new accommodation in a shipping container while working as a live-in nanny.

Koko Sierra, from the US, took on a job as a child carer and moved to California to look after and home-school four children.

She thanked her boss who spent six months' time to remodel a home for her and made a video to show TikTok viewers how the family transformed a shipping container into a bedroom.

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"In April 2021, the family I nanny for and live with bought a shipping container to remodel into my bedroom," she introduced.

"It was placed in their backyard.

"Over the next many months, the dad worked hard to renovate the space for me."

The clip shows how the homeowner has put padding and wallpaper around the container and adds wooden slabs on the floor.

He even makes a balcony for Koko so that she can have a bit of outside space with a view overlooking the backyard.

"He spent days making sure all the details were just right – it has electricity, heat and air conditioning," Koko says.

"Susan the cat got to see it for the first time and I finally got to move my stuff in October 2021.

"I love it and am forever grateful."

She shared the video on TikTok to show appreciation but viewers slammed the homeowner for letting her live in a "terrible" condition.

One commented: "They put you in a metal box, with no bathroom or running water. That sounds terrible, especially in the middle of the night or if you get sick."

"This looks like a prison to me," a second shared.

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Others liked the idea of giving Koko her own privacy but she decided to leave the job two months after staying in the container bedroom.

She explained that it had nothing to do with the bedroom, saying: "My entire family is in Michigan and it's time to move closer to them and take care of my mental health.

"I'll miss this though so much, especially the cold lonely walks to the house to use the toilet.

"They were not mad at me for leaving and their next nanny will live there."


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