Makeup: 2 most important areas to focus on or risk ‘looking older’

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As you get older, you update your wardrobe, and your style changes as your body and tastes in clothes do. But when was the last time you updated your makeup bag? The products you used five, maybe 10 years ago may no longer benefit your skin or enhance your features. Two makeup artists shared their number one priority when it comes to makeup, and explained how they can make you “look years younger”. 

Creamy formulas and hydrated skin 

Foundation covers the largest area of the face and so it’s important to choose the right formula for your skin. 

As women age, their skin gets drier, so you may not need to powder, matte-ify or set the skin like you used to a few years ago. 

Style Space’s makeup artist Joleen Emory said: “With powders, there is a risk of making fine lines more apparent, which will have the opposite effect and in turn make us look older.”

If you don’t want to enhance fine lines and wrinkles with powders and matte products, pick creamy foundations and blushes instead. 

Moisturising and priming the skin before applying these products can also help the finished result – the makeup won’t settle within the pores and lines. 

Makeup artist Myah Shein said: “Because skin often becomes drier as we age, making the skin look hydrated leads to a more youthful appearance. 

“In addition to having a great skincare routine, choosing creamy complexion products like foundation, concealer and blush, and applying them with your fingers will make your skin look plump, balanced and lit from within.”

Joleen added: “They also blend really easily [which is] ideal for a flawless finish,” she told She Finds. 

If you prefer not to use a heavy foundation or are worried about how to apply it, consider a skin tint. 

Skin tint or tinted moisturisers “enhances the skin for a natural look” and many contain moisturising ingredients.

In terms of blushers, dry blushers have been around for decades, and creamy products are relatively new. 

If you’ve never used a creamy blusher before, just remember not to add too much as it can look unnatural. 

Instead, apply the creamy product with a poofy or densely packed brush with lots of soft bristles. 

The best way to achieve a natural blushed look is by “gently dabbing the brush onto the pigmented blush or lightly swirl,” then gently tap the brush to shake off any excess colour. 

If in doubt, use your fingers and apply it to the back of your hand to work out how much blending is needed before applying it to the cheek. 

Focus on eyelashes 

Enhancing the eyes is one of the “fastest, easiest, and most effective ways” to make a difference in the face. 

Eye shadows and eyeliners can take a bit more skill and patience to apply, so stick to mascara. 

Myah said “many people find their lashes lose density over time,” but there’s an easy way to create the “illusion of a dense, full lash line” in minutes. 

“Start by curling the lashes. Then apply a soft kohl pencil underneath the top lash line by gently lifting up the lid and wiggling the pencil right at the root and between the lashes. Follow with mascara.” 

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