Mama June's New Man Moved In with Her Before Meeting Kids: 'It Is Kind of Fast' (Exclusive)

"When are we going to meet the girls? It always seems like it's never the right timing," he asks in this "Road to Redemption" sneak peek.

Mama June Shannon and Justin Stroud got married after just six months — but he had some concerns before the two moved in together.

In this sneak peek at tonight’s new episode of “Mama June: Road to Redemption” — filmed before they got engaged and secretly tied the knot — she opens up about the early days of their relationship, before asking him to take the next step.

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“When I caught Covid, I realized I got me a good guy right beside my side. He was always there, texting at random times, ‘Hey, how you doing? Just wanted to check on you today to make sure you was good,'” she says alongside Stroud in a confessional.

As the two are then seen grabbing lunch together, he expresses shock as she dumps a ton of sugar into her ice tea — telling her, “There’s no way you needed that much more sugar.” While she jokes, “It makes me so sweet for you,” he’s quick to tell her, “It’ll make you dead, you’re gonna be a diabetic, dude.”

Admitting that she and her daughters “are not in a good place,” June wonders if moving closer to them will help ease some of the tensions — and says that if she’s moving, Justin should too.

“My girls are a little mad at me. They’ve been giving me s— and as much as I want to run, you taught me not to be that way,” she says to Stroud. “I think it might be time I move back close to the girls. I also want you there too. You need to come live with me.”

She had been staying with him in Florence, Alabama, with Stroud reminding her he has “a life” there he’d be giving up. “It can be the most amazing experience ever,” she says, trying to talk him into it. “It is kind of fast, too,” he then adds.

Mama June Confirms She Secretly Married Boyfriend Justin Stroud, Shows Off Wedding Ring

“It maybe kind of fast, but I think we make each other better people. Even on the bad days, I try to make you as happy as I can,” she pushes on. “What do you think? I know you have a job, I know you have a job there.”

“There’s jobs and houses everywhere,” he says, giving in. “Hell yeah! Georgia bound!”

With that step decided, he then asks “when are we going to meet the girls” in a confessional. After he says, “It always seems like it’s never the right timing,” she tells him she wants to “enjoy” him on her own “for a minute,” and hopes to “warm the girls into it.” She reassures him, saying, “It’s not that I’m keeping you from them or anything. It just takes time.”

The reality star and her auto mechanic beau exchanged vows on March 23 at a Georgia courthouse after dating for less than one year. The two didn’t confirm the news until June, however.

“I know y’all been seeing some stuff on social media and y’all have been running out chats and messaging us, ‘Are we married?’ Well, we’re here today to clear up some rumors,” they said in a joint post to Instagram. Showing off their rings, the two said they were “off the market,” before June added, “When you know, you just know.”

On Instagram, she added, “I know you guys been seeing it all over the Internet so we are here to clear up some of the rumors YES me and @officialsmallz1 Really got married back in march 23 on our six month anniversary and yes it was so spur the moment.”

“Mama June: Road to Redemption” airs Fridays on WE tv.

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