Man outraged as brother steals baby name – then rages when he also uses it

Choosing a baby name can be a tough decision to make.

Even when parents decide to share the news, they always run the risk of people taking their choice.

One man recently became a victim of that after his brother sneakily stole his name following a "casual conversation".

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Posting on Reddit, he claimed his brother and partner acted "outraged" when they went and used the name.

He wrote: "My wife and I had a son last week and are overjoyed.

"We already have two daughters and were really hoping for a son as we plan for this to be our last child."

The man said the family have a tradition where they wait and share the name with each other.

But during a casual conversation, the man and his wife mentioned they liked Tyson (fake name) for a boy.

Then his sister-in-law and brother were like "wow, I actually really like that name too".

Months later, the man's brother and his wife welcomed a boy who they named Tyson, weeks before their son's arrival.

The Reddit poster added: "My wife and I were really hurt to hear this initially and weren't sure what to do.

"We thought about changing the name of our son, but we felt like he already had his name even before he was born.

"Not to mention we already purchased signs, clothes, and all kinds of things that had his name printed and engraved."

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However, the couple stuck to their guns and announced Tyson to the rest of the family.

"This did not go over well and it still isn't going well, unfortunately," he admitted.

"My sister-in-law and brother are outraged saying it isn't right we used the same name if they had already used it first."

He added: "It just doesn't feel right and it's not like they are trying to make us feel crazy, but now we do.

"Ultimately, I feel like it's just a name, but did we just cause a lifetime of awkwardness for our son and nephew?

"Am I the a**hole?"

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In the comments section, one said: "They knew you had a name already.

"They tried to use their kid being born first to claim it. Did they really expect you to say screw it, you called dibs?

"You as parents have the choice to name your child, just like they do. If they don't like it, it's their problem."

Another added: "One day, the family can explain to the first Tyson why his younger cousin has the same name as him."

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