Man shows how you can pour cola without waiting for fizz to go down

You’ve been pouring Coca-Cola WRONG all this time! Fan reveals how to fill a glass without it fizzing over

  • Dustin Hadley shared the hack on TikTok as users have been left stunned by it
  • And other social media users have been left wondering it if works for beer too 

There’s nothing quite like a cool Coca-Cola when it’s hot outside. But in your haste, it froths all over the kitchen counter when the bubbles burst over the rim of the glass. 

It may be a delicious thirst-quencher, but it can be a sticky mess to clean up, thanks to all that sugar.

But one man has managed to wow TikTok with his clever coke-pouring hack that prevents the inevitable bubble volcano.  

Dustin Hadley, who is known to his followers on the social media site as @that40yearguy, shared the genius new hack to stop Coke from fizzing over when being poured into a glass.

His 2.7million followers have been left shocked by the tip, with many saying that they ‘learn something new everyday.’

And other users were left wondering whether the method ‘would work the same for beer?’

In a TikTok video, Dustin Hadley tested a viral hack and was blown away with the results. Following the steps, he placed the cup over the top of the unscrewed bottle of Coke, then flipped it over

After turning the bottle over and emptying out its contents, there was no froth or fizz from the Coke — and the TikTok user was in disbelief that the hack worked

Mr Hadley stitched together a video of a woman showing the method as he wanted to prove to his followers that the hack really does work. 

His video with more than 400,000 likes is captioned: ‘Lets fight the fizz together.’

In showing how it’s done, the TikToker begins by saying: ‘You’re telling me that for 40 years I’ve been fighting the fizz and I could have been doing that?

‘Ain’t no way.’

He then proceeded to take out a glass and a bottle of Cola, as he says ‘Alright I’ve got a Coke and a cup’. 

The TikToker then adds: ‘I really hope this works.’

With one hand, he takes the cup and places it over the bottle of the fizzy stuff – which he has just opened.

He then flips both the bottle and the cup 180 degrees so the cup is now the right way round.

Slowly, he removes the Cola bottle from the bottom and the contents flows out, as Mr Hadley shows that no bubbles rise to the surface.

When he finishes, he grins at the camera, adding: ‘Oh wow’.

Thousands of TiKTok users took to the comments, with most sharing their disbelief over the new hack. 

Mr Hadley’s video has gone viral, amassing well over 400,000 likes as he captioned it: ‘Lets fight the fizz together’

The original video (left), showing the hack, has amassed well over six million views on TikTok. In showing how it’s done, the TikToker began the video by saying: ‘You’re telling me that for 40 years I’ve been fighting the fizz and I could have been doing that? Ain’t no way’

A follower of Mr Hadley wrote: ‘You teach me so many things.’

While another said: ‘Learn something new everyday,’ as the poster commented back: ‘Yes yes.’

And another said: ‘Damn it man! How do you find these hacks?’

A fourth TikTok user said that there is another way you can remove the bubbles form your fizzy drink. They said: ‘Or just tilt pour. It works the same.’

However, one person was not so impressed by the genius tip, as they put in the comments section: ‘DUUUDDEE,,,. Where have you been??? That’s the oldest trick in the book.’ 

Meanwhile, others were left pondering whether the same can be done for beer, as one person wrote: ‘Wondering if it’ll work on a beer.’

Others clarified that it can be done by writing: ‘You can do that also with beer . Just try it.’

And a second person commented: ‘Always pour beer that way.’ 

But another person was pretty disgusted that people wanted to remove the bubbles on top of the beer, as they put: ‘Actually having a head on a beer is a good thing.’ 

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