Model shares posture tricks to flaunt perfect curves in sexy snaps

A model spilled the beans on her posing tricks which she believes takes her photos to another level.

Daniella Motta, 21, shared what she usually does before posting a video or video on OnlyFans.

The beauty loves showing off her "curves" which can be a matter of angle, posture and good light.

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With more than 500,000 followers on TikTok, Daniella flaunted her body and claimed she's never had plastic surgery.

She said: "I receive many reports of girls comparing themselves to me.

"They want to have a body like mine and that's why I wanted to show that it's not about perfection.

"I know that my body type is standard, but the key to all of this is a good angle and the ideal posture."

Daniella revealed her measurements with her butt measuring 98cm.

She added: "When I photograph or record a video, the impression is that my measurements are different than these."

In her latest post, the bombshell revealed her step-by-step guide on creating content for the internet.

"I've never had cosmetic procedures and I see girls my age or younger think of it as the first possibility," she claimed.

The Brazilian model explained that men usually believe her photos are 100% true.

She gushed: "My body is real, that's me there. But I don't have those curves and a guitar 'body' at all times."

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Daniella also encouraged fans to abandon the idea of undergoing plastic surgery which isn't necessary.

She concluded: "Take care, take care of your health.

"Don't allow comparisons to suffocate you and internalise desires that aren't even yours for real.

"Invest in the angles and the correct posture because that is the certainty that you will not regret it later."

Recently Daniella was sacked from her 9-5 job after a colleague exposed her OnlyFans to her boss.

She claimed she was forced to resign her role at a digital company after her side job came to light.

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