Mum crying with laughter as postman leaves note regarding her killer bunnies

Many postmen and women are bound to have a number of tales about enthusiastic dogs who have greeted them at doorsteps across the country over the years.

But there probably aren't as many tales about little fluffy bunny rabbits that have caused havoc "guarding" the homes of their owners.

A tickled mum has revealed a hilarious note left by the postman after he came up against her "super friendly" but – quite intimidating – furry pets.

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Erin Rushton has spoken out about how her rabbits – Lola, Bonni, and Doc – appeared to scare the postie away with their fierce attitude.

In the note, the postie said he simply had to leave her parcel elsewhere, stating: "Cupboard side of house. Killer bunnies guarding!"

Erin, 29, bought the three little fur balls for her children during lockdown.

It was hoped they would play a part in aiding her daughter's anxiety at the time.

The mum said they love to be around people, and often run to say hello to visitors, so it wasn't surprising that they approached the postman.

She shared a snap of the funny note on Facebook in hope it would bring a chuckle to other people's day.

Erin wrote: "I have three free-roaming bunnies who can go anywhere in the garden and who love visitors.

"They are super friendly and will come bounding down to the gate when they see it open."

She continued: "I can only imagine what the poor postman had to put up with when he came in!

"The bunnies are therapy animals and I originally bought them for my daughter to help with her anxiety.

"They're always keen to say hello to anyone who comes and visits and I can imagine the postman had them run around his feet when he came by.

"Whether it's the DPD or the milkman – when they hear the side gate rattle they're there in a flash to greet them.

"The note was hilarious – it really made my afternoon!"

Since sharing the comical little message, Erin's Facebook post has gone viral, and it's left people really amused.

One person wrote: "That’s brilliant, you need a sign for your gate, beware killer bunnies."

Another joked: "Nobody said how they kill. Maybe he was afraid to die of cuteness."


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