My daughter's school thinks I'm hurting her, but I'm sure she has ADHD | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: THE teachers at my daughter’s school think somebody is hurting her but that is not the case.

She has no spatial awareness and keeps hurting herself.

She is 15 and is waiting to have an assessment for ADHD.

I think she may have autism, too. Her dad has it but he doesn’t live with us. I’m 35.

My daughter has no sense of danger.

She’ll run straight into a door frame when she thinks she is running through it.

Last week, she wouldn’t hold on when the school bus was stopping and ended up face-planting.

Luckily, her friend witnessed how she got a split lip.

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She is constantly covered in bruises.

I’m worried the finger will be pointed at me if I don’t get help for her.

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DEIDRE SAYS: If the school is not aware, you do need to tell them, both for her own safety and to help the staff who look after her.


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Your GP may also be able to assist in speeding up her assessment and speaking out for you if social services become concerned.

If autism is diagnosed, you can find help through Ambitious About Autism (, 020 8815 5444).

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