My parents kicked me out as they think I wrecked their neighbours’ marriage | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY parents kicked me out as they think I wrecked their neighbours’ marriage.

I’m a man of 26 and was living with my parents after returning from working in Australia for two years.

We all settled into a nice routine and I liked the area.

My parents’ neighbours are near my age, he’s 35 and she’s 31.

Mum and Dad look after their cats when they are away and get on well with their two girls, aged five and three.

Last autumn I was home alone and sitting in the garden when I heard an almighty row next door.

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I jumped over the fence and dashed into their kitchen. The girls were crying and the bloke was about to punch his wife.

Spotting me, he stopped in his tracks, turned on his heels and walked out. I put the TV on for the girls, then went into the kitchen and their mum fell into my arms, crying.

I checked in on them over the next few days. Her husband had been back for his stuff but was staying with his girlfriend — he’d been cheating.

A few days later, she cooked me a meal, saying I’d been so kind.

We had some wine and then we kissed. We then had sex downstairs. It felt quick given she’d only just got out of one relationship but she said she had feelings for me.

We’ve been dating but my parents have hit the roof now they’ve found out. They say I am the catalyst for her broken marriage and have kicked me out.

They say I’ve split the neighbourhood and are now refusing to speak to me. I love her girls and I think we could make this work.


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DEIDRE SAYS: You will have to explain exactly what happened to their neighbours’ marriage.

If your parents’ relationship with their neighbour is still good, she may help you to convince them that you were only there to help.

My support pack Standing Up For Yourself may help you to get your relationship with your parents on track.

It’s still early days so don’t rush into setting up home together just yet.

Go on dates but make sure you give her the space at home she needs to help the girls adjust.

Their dad no longer lives with them and both their parents have new partners.

These are huge changes and it will benefit everyone if you take it steadily.

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