Religious landlord rejects couples application because they arent married

A couple looking for a new home to rent claims that a landlord rejected their application after they said they were unmarried.

The pair from the US were asked to submit answers to a questionnaire in order to apply for the property.

But when they gave their response, the couple claim the landlord asked whether they’d have any issues with him “expressing his faith”.

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Despite claiming that they were not religious, the couple checked the box that they were also Christians.

They added they would have no issue with their new landlord expressing his faith around them.

According to, the landlord responded to their application with a lengthy email warning them living together in wedlock is a sin and began quoting Corinthians and referring to God as “dad”.

The message continued, claiming that the pair were free to make their own choices but that he refused to “aid and abet choices that disobey dad”.

He then claimed everything that has gone wrong in their lives is a result of sin.

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However, the landlord claims had they not checked the 'Christian' box, this ordeal could have been avoided.

In a text, the landlord said: “Technically because you are Christian and unmarried, had you marked the ‘not Christian’ box I would have gone ahead with the application review."

“So because we were honest on the application like you asked, you’re not going to review the application any further? You’re passing judgment and I’m sure God wouldn’t like that, that’s a sin in itself,” responded the woman.


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