Sexy waitress paid to serve men in lingerie says its empowering and fun

A waitress who serves tables in sexy lingerie says her job is “empowering”.

Angelina, from Western Australia, has worked for companies like Gold Class Girls and Boober Eats.

She works alongside a group of women, called skimpies, who wear undies or bikinis as they serve customers.

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The career is a controversial one, with some critics branding the concept “sexist”, but Angelina disagrees with this judgement and loves her job.

The aspiring rock musician says putting on a show for customers gives her valuable experience as a performer – and could provide a handy stepping stone.

She told “I love performing. So even with the skimpy it’s helped me with a lot of skills that translate over into, like, the music industry.

“Like making contacts, being able to talk to anyone and working on my stage presence and how to entertain a crowd for when I’m onstage like, it’s helped a lot with that sort of thing.

“People think it’s a negative thing, they’re like ‘you show your body’ but I feel really empowered.

“It’s made me more creative. I get there is negative connotations but at the end of the day I am just wearing a bikini and having a laugh while serving drinks.”

As well as this, the industry is a lucrative one.

Some skimpies have reported earning $3,000 AUD (around £1,700) a week from sexy waitressing jobs.

One lass that is earning a fortune is bikini barista Grace.

The 20-year-old, from Washington in the US, told Daily Star she’s transformed her life by becoming a sexy server.

She revealed to us that she had approximately $100 (£75) in her entire bank account before getting a job at Pink Sugar Espresso.

After two months of work she was able to afford an apartment and a holiday to Hawaii.

Grace told us: “In a small amount of time, I got my life together with no financial help outside of this one job.

“The highs are that the money is great, you get complimented all day, and it has opened insane opportunities for me in a short amount of time.

“The lows are that you have to be in your underwear every day even when you don’t feel sexy."


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