Strictly star Kristina Rihanoff shares how to look younger

How does Kristina Rihanoff maintain a gorgeous physique and incredible, ageless skin? The dancer exclusively took through her diet, exercise regime, skincare tips and fashion hacks.

Competing in dance all over the world, Kristina is no stranger to the power of physical exercise.

Nowadays she co-owns Soo Yoga, a wellbeing centre in Northampton, teaching yoga every day.

She told “I think any exercise is extremely important. We all know that the impact of exercise – and not just a physical impact but mental – is enormous.”

Kristina particularly recommends moving to music, in order to not only look good but feel good too – “it impacts your whole being, it’s one of the best things you can do for yourself”.

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As for skincare, Kristina recommends hydrafacials around two to four times per month for youthful, vibrant and “glowing” skin.

A hydrafacial cleanses the skin, exfoliates it, removes impurities from pores and hydrates it with intense moisturisers.

But Kristina gave readers a very important hydrafacial tip – do not let your practitioner skip the neck and décolleté (the area of your chest and neck that a low-cut top would expose).

“These areas of the body can be very strong signs ageing – the neck, the hands, the décolleté area can give away our age loads.

“I was told many moons ago by one of the best beauticians in London, Nataliya Robinson that you’ve got to look after your neck and décolleté. This is like your passport of youth.”

Healthy eating is also super important for Kristina. She went plant-based several years ago, so stocks up on plenty of fruits, vegetables, pulses and beans.

She said that she “feels good” and “doesn’t have cravings” but if she fancies the occasional treat she will enjoy it – “I’m not watching calories just yet”.

When it comes to her gorgeous blonde hair, Kristina admitted that her dancing career did do some damage to her locks due to lots of backcombing and styling.

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Years on it is looking and feeling much healthier with the help of some vitamins and supplements in addition to diet – “nutrition I think directly impacts your skin, your hair, your nails”.

She isn’t too fussed about the odd grey hair but has her roots touched up every six to eight weeks.

Makeup wise, Kristina’s career has allowed her to meet “incredible” makeup artists and she even took a course on stage makeup herself.

She does not have a go-to makeup look but has remained faithful to one popular product for years. Kristina is a big fan of MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, priced at £30.

As for her general makeup tips for women as they age, the youthful beauty stated: “Of course you kind of change your makeup according to occasion, but you come to an age where you understand that less is more.”

Unlike in her 20s, when she rocked “massive lashes, heavy black eyeliner and red lipstick”, now she focuses on “investing in products that are good for the skin”.

Kristina’s typical wardrobe is yoga gear due to her current lifestyle and job, but when it comes to fashion she stressed the importance of finding which colours work best for you – “there’s a whole science behind it, it’s fascinating”.

Inspired by House of Colours, Kristina goes for reds, pinks and summer colours typically when getting dressed up – “I definitely look at vibrant colours because I want to send the message of positivity and vibrance”.

Kristina Rihanoff is co-owner of Soo Yoga LTD.

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