Tesco money saving hack detailed by Forbes 30 Under 30 money guru

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Vivian Tu, aka Your Rich BFF, has appeared on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list this year. The former JP Morgan trader took to TikTok to demystify money matters. Now she has detailed a “secret” Tesco money saving hack.

Vivian, 28, told her followers on the account @yourrichbff: This one’s for my BFFs living in the UK. My colleague friend Peter who lives in London taught me this big Tesco secret, and I’m going to be your rich BFF and your favourite wall street girly who’s going to tell you how to use it.”

She advised Britons to use the major supermarket’s loyalty scheme and exchange their points in a way that can triple the value. Vivian explained: “Tesco’s loyalty scheme is helping customers save money on groceries, so it’s no surprise when people get vouchers they spend them at Tesco. But what most people don’t know is that the Tesco app offers you more lucrative rewards.”

So, how exactly can you cash in on these rewards? Vivian said: “When you open up the Clubcard app, go down to the bottom right and click rewards. There you’ll find lots of great deals on entertainment, dining out, and travel.

“What makes such a great deal is that there is typically a multiplier involved. Usually when you have a £5 voucher that saves you £5 at Tesco.

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“But if you check out some of these reward partners you can get two to or three times as much value for your voucher instead. For example, Hotels.com offers three times the value, so for a £5 voucher, you can get £15 back.

“As the cost of living continues to climb, this is a great way to get an occasional dinner out, a free trip or movie, without breaking the bank.”

The content creators’ fans shared details of the occasions they used Tesco Clubcard points in this clever way. One wrote: “Clubcard points paid for our holiday once.”

Another said, “Tesco Clubcard vouchers used to pay for our family outings!” while one wrote, “We go to theme parks every year for free with our points.”

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Another explained: “The vouchers can be used on 1-year train railcards too. I got 33% off a year’s worth of train tickets by using my vouchers.”

One said: “I use ours to pay for the Tesco Delivery Saver, so I get free unlimited deliveries for a year. I also just bought tickets for the Sea Life centre in Birmingham that would have cost us £70 otherwise. I did buy a railcard with Tommy Tesco vouchers too.”

“They had an offer on Disney+ and I got a year’s subscription for £16 of vouchers!” another Tesco shopper said, while one wrote, “This is sooo helpful! I’ve forwarded this to like 10+ people. More British vids please!!!”

A recent Tesco hack went viral after a shopper shared how to use a trolley without a £1 coin. However, TikTok mum Tasha shared a hack she was shown by a fellow shopper that has been described as “fabulous” by viewers.

Tasha said: “When some lady show you this at Tesco. How am I only just learning this?” The shopper was wowed by the tip, which a friendly woman at her local Tesco showed her.

When caught without a £1 coin in your purse, it’s possible to double up 20p coins instead, and the TikTok user demonstrated exactly how it’s done.

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