The 10 Most Expensive Brand Endorsements Of Soccer Players, As Of 2022

Soccer is a game of passion. A game that brings multitudes together to celebrate iconic moments with love. While there are lots of opportunities in soccer, the ones that are least mentioned are more than the most mentioned. It is needless to talk about how expensive player contracts are and how lucrative their salary is so in this list; we shift our gaze to the most overlooked part of the game. A part that is very important to soccer players and designer brands alone. In this piece, we bring you the Top 10 most expensive soccer boot deals in the world. Grab some snacks as you enjoy this insightful piece!

10 Mohamed Salah x Adidas Deal (£2.5 million)

Mohamed Salah, who is a Liverpool player, has one of the most expensive soccer boots in the world. His deal was struck with Adidas due to his popularity in the Middle East and Africa. This deal is worth £2.5 million per year and as part of his deal, his favorite soccer boot is the Adidas X18 boot, it’s also possible that his deal also cuts across other Adidas products as he’s been seen rocking their clothes, and sneakers.

9 Marco Verratti x Puma Deal (£2.5 Million)

After his deal with Puma expired in 2016, the Italian midfielder got a lucrative soccer boot deal with Nike which earned him an extra £2.5 million annually which amounts to a total of £25 million for the 10-year contract. As part of his deal, this one of the world’s best Italian midfielders in the world now wears Nike’s Hyper venom Phantom III boots. His deal also covers other Nike products as he’s been spotted rocking their clothes and sneakers.

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8 Paul Pogba x Adidas Deal (£3.1 Million)

Paul Pogba is one of Adidas’ special ambassadors as he was able to bag a 10 years football soccer boots deal worth £31 million, that is £3.1 million per annum. The Juventus midfielder has been seen in several TV commercials and poster adverts as part of his deal with Adidas. His favorite Adidas soccer boot is the Adidas Predator boot.

7 Antoine Griezmann x Puma Deal (£3.5 Million)

Antoine Griezmann’s soccer boots deal with Puma is one of the biggest soccer boot deals in the world. His 10 years contract is worth a whooping £35 million, amounting to £3.5 million yearly. Antoine Griezmann has spent almost 20 years with Puma as he first had a 10-year deal that elapsed in 2015 and signed another 10-year deal right after. At the end of his first 10-year deal, he was celebrated with the release of a limited-edition special boot Future 4.1 NetFit Grizi.

6 Gareth Bale x Adidas Deal (£4 Million)

Gareth Bale was once one of the biggest players in the world, since age 16, he has had a contract with Adidas. He only renegotiated as time went on. His deal is worth a total of £60 million with an annual pay of £4 million. His favorite soccer boots are Adidas F50 AdiZero and Adidas X Ghosted boots, and his endorsement also covers other Adidas products.

5 Mario Balotelli x Puma Deal (£5 Million)

Mario Balotelli first had a deal with Nike, at the expiration of his Nike deal in 2013, Puma offered him a juicier deal of £5 million per annum, £50 million for 10 years which won him over. This deal came right at the peak of Mario Balotelli’s career and popularity. His favorite Puma soccer boot is Puma Ultra 1.1 edition, runout has it that he is no longer as marketable as he used to be, so, a renewal of his contract might not be feasible come 2024.

4 Kylian Mbappe x Nike Deal (£14 Million)

As one of the best and fastest footballers in the world, it’s no surprise that Kylian Mbappe is on this list. He was first caught in a long bidding war between Adidas and Nike, but in 2019, he made his way to Nike on a whopping sum of £14 million deal per annum and a total of £140 million for 10 years deal. His favorite Nike soccer boot is the Nike Mercurial Superfly VII Elite MDS 003 edition football boots and he has been seen rocking several other Nike products.

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3 Christiano Ronaldo x Nike Deal (£15 million)

One of the most valuable players on the planet would definitely make this list, and not just that, Christiano Ronaldo secured himself a lifetime deal of £780 million with Nike in 2016. This made him the third sportsman to be offered a lifetime deal at Nike alongside LeBron James and Michael Jordan. CR7’s deal is worth £15 million per year, having worn over 90 Nike soccer boots, his current favorite is the Mercurial Superfly VII Elite CR100 edition boots

2 Lionel Messi x Adidas Deal (£18 Million)

Lionel Messi, often referred to as one of the greatest footballers of all time and seven times Ballon d’Or winner, gets an £18 million per year deal from Adidas, like CR7, he also secured himself a massive lifetime deal with Adidas worth a massive £1 billion, making him the second billionaire who earns in sponsorships after CR7. He is also the first footballer to own a sub-brand of Adidas boots called Adidas Messi and his favorite Adidas soccer boots are Adidas X Speedflow boots and Adidas Nemeziz Messi 19.1 ‘Copa’ edition.

1 Neymar x Puma Deal (£23 Million)

Neymar, ahead of Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo, owns the largest and most expensive individual sponsorship deal in the history of soccer. His Puma deal is double what he was being paid in Nike during his 11 years deal with the brand who has been behind him since he was 13. Though the length of his deal with Puma is unknown, the 28 years old star earns a whopping £23 million yearly and his favorite Puma soccer boot is the Jogo Prismatico Mercurial Vapor 13 Boots.

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