The top 10 most popular videos on TikTok have been revealed

The most popular videos on TikTok for 2022 in the UK have been revealed.

Coming out on top is an ASMR clip of a farrier skilfully removing a horseshoe.

Created by @Samdracott_Farrier, the video has more than 273 million views currently.

The top 10 is varied with the second place clip taken by Sadie, a 35-year old mother-of-two from Peterborough, who has been documenting her recovery from sepsis.

Meanwhile in third place, @kiki_n_rohs is seen spraying disabled sign on a pavement by freehand.

The full list of the UK’s most favoured TikTok videos are below.

1. Skilled Farrier

Satisfying!! #samdracottfarrier #farrier #asmr #oddlysatisfying #horsetok #farmtok #horses #horse #satisfying

The AMSR clip showed @Samdracott_Farrier expertly removing a horseshoe form a horse in the most satisfying manner.

It currently has 273.2 million views on the video platform.

2. A mum’s sepsis journey

#sepsisshark #sepsissurvivor #warrior #strongwomen #keepsmiling #keepswimming

Sadie (@Sadiesepsisjourney), a 35-year-old mum-of-two from Peterborough, has been documenting her recovery and adjustment to life with sepsis. One of her videos about her journey has been viewed over 244 million times.

The playful video shows her mimicking Jaws with her left hand while sounding the theme tune.

Because of the sepsis, Sadie was put into an induced coma and was on life support for 10 days. When she woke up, she had life-changing injuries. She had lost all of her fingers and needed to have her legs amputated.

3. Disabled sign sprayed on pavement

Free hand spray #satisfying #viral #fypシ #foryou #fyp #roadmarking #trade #viralvideo #work #artwork #disabled #gracopaintsprayers

The page @kiki_n_rohy shared this clip, which has now garnered an incredible 196.9 million views.

The clip shows someone spray painting a bright yellow disabled sign onto a pavement by freehand.

It’s an incredibly satisfying watch.

4. Transition underwater

I tried to scream…

Transitions are big news on TikTok and a good one can get you millions of views. User Jeremy Lynch finds himself fourth on a list with 128.5 million hits in a clip of him moving seamlessly from his room to underwater.

When he sees a shark swimming towards him, he jumps out of the water and back into his bedroom.

All the while, Everything I Wanted by Billie Eillish is his sound of choice.

5. The perfect shave

Worst Reaction EVER at the End! 😭 #asmr #oddlysatisfying #satisfyingsounds

Find videos of shaving agreeable to watch? Well, barber Elliot Forbes went viral by showing off his male grooming skills in less than a minute. 

He regularly shares clips on his page @Elliotforbes but his most popular video (120 million) sees him showcasing each step of the perfect shave.

Show this to the man in your life ASAP.

6. Kinder Chocolate cheesecake

Kinder Cheesecake #kinder #cheesecake #asmr #asmrsounds #food

Eloise Head, from London, is known online as @Fitwaffle and shares delicious recipes with her followers.

A particular fan favourite, however, is a Kinder Chocolate cheesecake.

With over 116.2 million views, the recipe (filmed in ASMR) is easy to follow.

Christmas Day dessert, anyone?

7. Steak perfection

How to Cook The Perfect Steak🔥… and Chips #menwiththepot #foodporn #fyp #foryou #asmr #nature #fire #steak #4u

How do you like your steak?

Northern Ireland-based cooking duo Men With The Pot believe their method will cook you the best steak of your life.

Featuring lots of butter, herbs, cheese sauce and two huge steaks, your mouth will be salivating upon first watch.

And people are loving it because the clip is currently sitting on a hefty 134.9 million views.

8. Second stomach for deserts

Welcome to the stomach

For food and comedy lovers, @adrianbliss addresses the second stomach that is kept for desserts. Expect pizza, hot dogs, cupcakes and an exclusive dance floor reserved only for the sweetest.

The hilarious clip currently has 76.5 million views.

9. A shocking performance

papa and sis are absolutely shook #nooransisters #desi #desitiktok #patakhaguddi #reaction #voiceeffects

This is a video that will give your shivers of the best possible kind. Ninth on the list, the clip captures the moment doctor Lavannya stuns her family with her performance of Indian singing duo the Nooran Sisters. 

She wows her nearest and dearest, with her dad’s face showing emotions of shock and a hint of pride.

It now has more than 61.2 million views.

10. Latte love story

lmfao guys what if he sees this #omg #workcrush #fyp #foryou #edinburgh #edieats #sos #viraltiktok

Romance, but make it a story told through coffee.

Last on the list is a beautiful tale of a young barista called Sophie (@yungoatmilk) who asked out a customer in a non-traditional way.

Sophie had been serving a handsome stranger for many months and decided to shoot her shot in the coffee shop

She decorated his latte with the words ‘ur cute’, then hid behind the counter.

The move worked and the next day he gave her his number.

They are still together now.

The latte love story has more than 60 million views and counting.

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