These $12 Shelf Liners Are the Secret to Keeping Your Fridge Clean

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A TikTok-worthy refrigerator clean-out will make you feel like a million bucks — those color-coded products, a fresh new bundle of produce and organized, cohesive drawers bring an instant satisfaction that’s hard to describe. But before a sparkling fridge reset comes the hard work of deep cleaning. Yep, we’re talking about removing all the expired, old food and scrubbing out what’s left on those sticky, residue-filled refrigerator shelves. Luckily for us, that’s where these amazing refrigerator shelf liners
come in — thousands of Amazon shoppers are calling them a “lifesaver” because they prevent messes from happening in the first place.

So, first step? Deep clean that baby! Then, line each shelf with one of the liners so that next time you have a spill, you aren’t scrubbing away at sticky spots.

These fridge mats are the most affordable, simple solution to keep sticky shelf residue at bay. The vinyl pads can be placed on the shelves in your fridge by putting the smooth side down to adhere to the shelves, and the dotted side up so it doesn’t stick to any food. If the pads collect sticky messes or stains, just remove them, wipe them down and place them back in. An added bonus? They’re available in a variety of colors to keep your fridge’s interior looking its best.

With countless five-star reviews on Amazon, shoppers can’t stop touting their benefits (or posting their incredible before-and-after refrigerator pictures). Some shoppers even use these handy pads to keep their pantry, kitchen cabinet and drawers clean, too. “Bought these for the refrigerator but wound up buying more for all of my drawers,” wrote Amazon shopper Jan Childers.” Nice colors and thick enough to protect.”

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