These Are The Richest Golf Players, As Of 2022

Golf is such a luxurious game with some of the world’s richest golf stars in it. The engaging game might take quite a while to learn but a lifetime to master it. One of the most prominent tournaments for golf stars is PGA Tours and there is a new tour trying to compete with them which is the LIV Golf founded in 2021. The first ever LIV Golf Invitational Series started last June 9, 2022 at the Centurion Club in London, England. LIV came from the roman numeral for 54 which is the score the player earns if every hole on the par-72 course were birdied.

The Saudi Arabia-backed professional golf league is mostly controversial even before it started as they were branded as sports washing. Despite the initial backlash, the tournament pushed through and a lot professional golf players participated for a shot to win the purse of $20 million for each of the first six events and with a guaranteed prize money of $120,000 even if the player finish last. Prize money is one of the sources of the richest golfers in accumulating their wealth. Take a look at the richest golf players as of 2022.

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10 Vijay Singh

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Fijian professional golfer Vijay Singh who is widely known as The Big Fijian has won 34 events on the Professional Golfers’ Association of America Tour (PGA Tour). He has won three championships including two PGA Championships and one Masters Title. He is the first ever person of South-Asian descent to win a major championship in the golf sports. The Fijian golf star was able to rack up a massive net worth of $75 million and was able to buy a massive four bedroom condo that costs $5.67 million located in New York in 2009.

9 Ernie Els

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South African professional golfer Ernie Els is widely known as the The Big Easy in the sports world due to his massive height of 191cm. He is not only swinging his golf clubs in the sports arena, he also operates his own successful winery as well as his own golf course design company. He currently has a whopping current estimated net worth of $85 million. His career highlights include him topping the 2003 and 2004 European Tour Order of Merit as well as winning the World Match Play Championship seven times.

8 Jordan Spieth

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American professional golfer Jordan Spieth is the youngest golf star on the list as he is only 28 years old. He was able to rack a total of $40 million from his PGA Tour winnings alone. With his massive wealth and net worth of $110 million, he was able to purchase a massive 10,000 sq ft mansion located in Dallas in 2016 that costs about $7.15 million. At his early age, he was able to rank number one in the Official World Golf Ranking. He ranked first for a total of 25 weeks, from August 17, 2015 until March 21, 2016. His first ever win was in 2015 Masters Tournament where he impressively shot a 270 and ended up pocketing a total of $1.8 million.

7 Fred Couples

American professional golfer Fred Couples is widely known in the sports world as Boom Boom due to the talent he possesses off the tee. Being a golf athlete is not the only thing that boosted his wealth, he is also best known for his nutraceutical company called Anatabloc. The 62 years old golf star has a massive net worth of $120 million. He has competed numerous times on the PGA Tour Champions and PGA Tour. He used to be ranked No. 1 and has won about 64 professional tournaments and among them are the Masters Tournament in 1992 and the Players Championship held in 1984 and 1996.

6 Rory McIlroy

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Professional golfer Rory McIlroy is from the Northern Ireland and a member of both the PGA and the European Tour. He used to be ranked as the world’s number one by the Official World Golf Ranking and spent about 106 weeks in the highest position beginning in March 4, 2012. Northern Irishman Rory McIlroy came out in the opposition to the LIV Golf tour and was able to amass a whopping net worth of $170 million. Aside from the tournament earnings, he was able to build his fortune from his endorsements and brand deals.

5 Gary Player

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South African retired professional golfer Gary Player has dedicated about seven decades of his life in the golf sports. Having started his career at an early age of 16 years old, the 86 years old golf star is widely known as one of the greatest golfers of all time. During the entirety of his career, he was able to win nine major championships during the regular tour seasons and nine major championships during the Champions Tour. He has a massive net worth of $250 million which mainly came from his property and golf course design companies. His career spans from the earlier decades when the prize money was relatively lower compared today.

4 Phil Mickelson

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American professional golfer Phil Mickelson is the oldest winner of the PGA Championship winner when he won the title in 2021 at the age of 50 years old. His age did not affect his ability to win although he almost did not play in the tournament because of his decision to overlook the Saudi Arabia’s alleged human rights violations when he participated in the LIV Golf tour. At the moment, he has a current net worth of $300 million although Forbes reported that his career endorsement earnings totals to about $800 million.

3 Jack Nicklaus

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Retired American professional golfer and golf course designer Jack Nicklaus is widely known in the sports world as The Golden Bear. He has a massive net worth of $400 million and although he is a well known golf star, his massive net worth mainly came from his companies as well as his big brand endorsements such as Rolex. The 82 year old retired golf star is widely considered as one of the greatest golfers of all time as well. During the entirety of his career, he has won 117 professional tournaments.

2 Greg Norman

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Australian entrepreneur and retired professional golfer Greg Norman rose to fame in the sports world thanks to his 89 tournament winnings. The said winnings have helped him build his $400 million worth of fortune. The fortune of the 67 year old golf star mainly came from his business ventures such as private and property equity. He was named as the world’s Number 1 by the Official World Golf Rankings for 331 weeks from 1980s until the 1990s.

1 Tiger Woods

American professional golfer Tiger Woods is widely regarded as one of the greatest golfers of all time and is also one of the most famous athletes in the sports world. The 46 years old golf star is tied for first in the PGA tour wins and also ranks as the second in men’s major championships. According to Forbes, the legendary golfer has a massive net worth of $1 billion and his massive net worth did not even include a nine-figure deal to play on the LIV Golf tour since he rejected the offer. He is among the richest athletes in the world and his earnings mainly came from his brand deals and endorsements.

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