These Are The Richest Members Of The British Royal Family

The current royal family and what they get up to continue to be the subject of great intrigue and debate. Even though the world renowned British monarchy may not have the same amount of power and influence as it did during its heyday with Queen Elizabeth I and King Henry VIII, the royal family is frequently in the news. These are with the Queen Elizabeth II’s recent Platinum Jubilee, nearly 70 years on the throne, and Meghan Markle’s well-known conflict with her wealthy in-laws. Living a life of luxury in some of Britain’s most opulent homes, traveling the world, and frequently turning out in formal wear to events for the charity they support, it’s no wonder their finances are occasionally examined. Here are the 10 wealthiest members of the British royal family ranked.

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9 Kate Middleton

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Prince William is the husband of Kate Middleton and the two seemed to have a loving relationship. She is also known as Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. A $10 million is in Kate Middleton’s net wealth. Kate Middleton is most likely to become the queen consort of the United Kingdom since Prince William is set to replace his father, Prince Charles, on the throne of England. Kate Middleton was a fashion designer before she wed Prince William.

8 Sophie Wessex and Prince Edward

The combined net worth of Prince Edward and his spouse Sophie Wessex is $10 million. Before abandoning his theatrical and television production activities in 2002 to devote his full attention to his royal duties, Edward was quite active in the field. He even had his own firm. In addition to attending official royal gatherings, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, has received criticism in the past for taking jewelry from Bahrain’s royal family, according to to report.

7 Princess Diana

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At the time of her passing, Lady Diana, a British princess and philanthropist had a net worth of $25 million. When Lady Diana started dating Charles, Prince of Wales, she rose to fame on a global scale and even after her death, she can still outshine Kate and Meghan. She was born Diana Spencer, a member of the illustrious British aristocratic Spencer family, which has long been intertwined with the Royal family. Before her untimely passing in 1997, she was most known for her humanitarian and advocacy efforts.

6 Princess Anne

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Princess Anne, the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, is renowned for her involvement in the Royal Family. The report estimates her net worth to be $30 million. She possesses assets such as a yearly stipend from the Queen, jewelry valued at $7 million, a $15 million mansion, and a trust fund established by her grandfather. In addition, she has given more than $28 million to charity over the past ten years.

5 Prince Philip

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Prince Philip was the longstanding husband of Queen Elizabeth II and a member of the British royal family with a $30 million net worth at the time of his passing. Philip was descended from Greek and Danish royal families. He acquired British citizenship after serving in the British navy, and soon after the war, he wed Elizabeth. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, amassed a sizeable personal worth by receiving an annual income of US$500,000 from Parliament before passing away last year after living for almost a century. He reportedly gave millions to three essential staff members.

4 Prince William

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In terms of succession, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is second. Someday, after the reign of his father, King Charles, he will be crowned king. The brothers received trust money that the Queen Mother had established for William and Prince Harry when she passed away in 2002. To make up for the idea that William might someday become king, most of the $17 million was given to Harry however despite his sizeable fortune, Prince William wisely spends his fortune. William and Harry both received $10 million from the late Princess Diana’s estate on their 25th birthdays. The Duke of Cambridge is considered to be worth roughly $40 million.

3 Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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American philanthropist, humanitarian, and former actress Meghan Markle. The total wealth of Meghan Markle is $60 million. Together with Prince Harry, that is her whole net worth. Meghan had a different net worth of $5 million before she wed Harry. He had a $20 million net worth going into the marriage, most of which came from a trust fund that Princess Diana, his late mother, had established. Although the Sussexes have formally left their positions as family employees, the couple’s post-royal lives in America continue to be a big topic in Britain, but sometimes for the wrong reasons. They’ve both worked extremely hard to accumulate a staggering net worth of US$60 million.

2 Prince Charles

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Prince Charles is the oldest child of late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and Queen Elizabeth II. Prince Charles has a $100 million net worth. The Duchy of Cornwall is inherited by the current monarch’s eldest child under British royal law. The prince can generate a sizable income thanks to this title, which is a significant real estate portfolio. 133,000 acres spread across 23 counties in the UK are owned by the Duchy. Farming, home construction, and commercial real estate are all done on the land. The projected worth of the land as of 2019 is $1.1 billion. The trust typically generates more than $20 million in revenue each year. The income has exceeded $30 million in some years. Charles uses the money to pay his wife and kids a salary.

1 Queen Elizabeth II

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According to reports, Queen Elizabeth II has a net worth of $600 million. Every year, the government makes a single lump-sum payment to Queen Elizabeth, known as the Sovereign Grant. According to the most recent account disclosures, this sum was $100million for 2020. Of this, $60 million were set aside as the core for paying for official travel, property maintenance, and household operating costs for the Queen. At the same time, the remaining amount was designated for renovating and reserving Buckingham Palace. Public monies are used to cover the Queen’s official expenses in exchange for the Crown Estate’s revenue. The Crown Estate is a holding company owned by the monarch while she is in power, managing real estate worth $17 billion across the UK. It is not, however, the Queen’s personal property.

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