This is how to make 2023 your best year yet, according to a celebrity astrologer

Written by Patsy Bennett

Patsy Bennett is an Australian British celebrity astrologer with over 25 years’ experience providing astrology consultations and readings. Here, she looks at what is in store for our love lives and careers in the first half of 2023.

September is here along with that back-to-school feeling that comes with it. In fact, many people might be setting goals for next year and making plans for the months ahead already. While no one can ever claim to know exactly what the future holds, some find comfort or entertainment in reading horoscopes. If that’s you, then we have a glimpse into what 2023 might have in store for you. Here, celebrity astrologer Patsy Bennett shares what’s happening in the stars for each and every star sign and discusses how you can make the most of that when it comes to work and love.


A fresh chapter will unfold in your love life in 2023. If you’re single, this is a good year to initiate change, particularly in April. Couples will wish to find more purpose in life in general and you will enjoy exploring ways to do so with your partner. But if you have grown distant from them, this may be the year you finally part.

Career-wise it’s time to proactively start something new. April to mid-June will be particularly catalytic. Look out for opportunities to alter your career and status. You may even surprise yourself with the progress you make through new avenues. 


If you’re single, this is an excellent year to look for fresh ways to meet people. You’ll appreciate a sense of joy and with it increased self-confidence, especially after mid-May. For couples, the eclipse in April will be great for infusing more passion into your love life, but you must avoid conflict then.

Your career and general direction are due considerable change in 2023, especially in May as you rearrange your priorities and aim for fresh initiatives. You’re ready to embrace activities and projects that provide more fulfilment and stability. 


In the first quarter of the year you’ll enjoy letting your inner social butterfly out. If you’re single, you’re likely to meet someone upbeat and passionate. Mid-April until early May and mid-to-late June are ideal for meeting someone new. Couples will enjoy feeling more adventurous, but if your relationship has been on the skids, 2023 could be the year you finally go your separate ways.

In 2023, you risk seeing your career through rose-coloured glasses, especially at the end of April, so be sure to keep your feet on the ground as you could attain a fresh goal in 2023 when you do.


January and the second quarter will provide excellent opportunities to zhoozh up your love life, so be sure to provide space to connect with your partner then and, if you’re single, to socialise.

You can step up the career ladder this year, with May and June being particularly productive. You will be collaborating with new groups and organisations, and you’re ready to let go aspects of your career that no longer resonate with you. Just avoid rash decisions, especially in May. 


You’ll be drawn to spice up your love life and singles may even be surprised by some of the people you’re drawn to. You may be tempted to experiment with new relationships and couples will be drawn to step into fresh terrain in your existing relationship. April is conducive to exciting change.

You’ll also gain the chance to alter the aspects of your career you’ve outgrown and the first quarter of the year is ideal to plan for change. Furthermore, the eclipse in April suggests the more you embrace change, the better for you!


In 2023, you’ll value peace, harmony and stability in relationships. And so you’ll begin to change how you share responsibilities and communal space at home, with April being particularly productive. Singles looking for a new partner will be active then, and couples will appreciate the chance to feather your nest via your relationship.

The more you embrace diversity in your career, beginning already in January, the more you’ll enjoy 2023. Otherwise, the option to ‘go with the flow’ could prove unfulfilling. What’s more, being proactive, and actively seeking fresh projects, will be rewarding.


2023 will present key decisions regarding domestic and/or relationship matters, and these will be most notable in April. Couples will gain the chance to deepen existing ties and will negotiate stressful periods together, while singles will encounter opportunities to find someone compatible as a partner or companion.

Work-wise, already at the start of the year, there are likely to be considerable changes in your circumstances. For some, these will be due to developments in your domestic and/or health situation. April will again be a good month to make changes in your career, but you must avoid rash decisions. 


You’ll be drawn to invest in your love life in 2023, with May bringing a key turning point. An existing relationship will step into new territory. Singles may meet someone unexpectedly or will fall in love with someone you wouldn’t usually consider.

Serious work decisions will arise in 2023. New agreements and collaborations hold the key to success. You’ll gain the chance to improve your career in the second quarter. Changing work scenarios will impact your personal life, so decisions must be well-informed. 


If your love life has been lacklustre, this is the year to spice things up as the stars will support your efforts, especially from the end of March and during April. This will be a good time to refresh both your love life and family circumstances, and to take the initiative in your relationships, as your efforts are likely to succeed.

Career-wise, expect life to get busy at the end of May. So consider setting your ideas in motion already in March and April, so that you’re ready to make the most of the opportunities to change things in your favour mid-year. 


You are ready to let go of an outmoded concept of love and to embrace new ways to love someone and to be loved yourself. You may even be surprised by developments and opportunities, especially at the end of March and during the months of April and May.

It will be difficult to avoid changes in your career in 2023. Consider this: you are in the process of metamorphosis and your career is a vital aspect of who you are, so spread your wings and embrace new options and opportunities.


Developments in your love life will largely be driven by your personal circumstances and need for excitement and even something (or someone) different. And, if you’re planning a family, or an addition to your family, this is a year when the unexpected will happen.

Career-wise, the year offers an exciting opportunity to develop your skillsets and to embrace a fresh daily routine. Luckily, you’ll gain the opportunity to alter your usual schedule one step at a time. However, to make progress, you’ll first need to find the motivation to leave the past behind.


This is a wonderful year to enjoy your love life. Peak times for romance include the end of January, mid to the end of February and mid-March. Just ensure you are not seeing life through rose-coloured glasses because you’ll appreciate the magic of romance so much more as a result.

You’re likely to consider changing the organisations you work with in 2023. Change will not feel as daunting as in previous years and so you may learn new aspects of your work, or even enter a new field. June is a key month for career opportunities so keep your eyes peeled.

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