TikTok dermatologist shares £6 hack to help reduce ‘strawberry skin’ on body

Summer is all well and good, but sundress season can be a bit daunting for those conscious of baring their arms and/or legs due to texture. “Strawberry skin”, aka keratosis pilaris, can affect any of us, and is characterised by a bumpy or rough appearance. It’s also sometimes known as “KP”, or “chicken skin” because of its freshly-plucked look.

And if you have it then you’ll probably want to find a way to smooth the bumps. Now, TikTok-famous dermatologist Dr Aamna Adel has shared a video explaining how you can lessen the appearance of strawberry skin with the help of some bargain creams from just £6.

"Rough bumpy skin on your arms or legs? Let’s hit the shops,” she captions the video.

"Moisturise within five minutes of showering with creams containing urea, like this one to help loosen the scale," Dr Adel says, showing a bottle of Eucerin Urea Repair Plus 10%,£14 here, to the camera.

"The CeraVe SA Smoothing Cream [£12.50 here] is the GOAT and contains both urea and lactic acid," she continues. "AHAs like this glycolic cream from Boots’ own brand work wonders," she adds, sharing a clip of her holding Boots Glycolic acid body cream, £6 here.

Dr Adel also explains in the caption of the post that strawberry skin “occurs due to abnormal keratinisation within the hair follicle which leads to scale building up”, and that products containing lactic acid, salicylic acid, urea, glycolic acid and retinoids, like the one she suggests in the video, are your best best for reducing the appearance of the bumps.

As with anything, consistency is key. Make sure you’re regularly applying the cream to the needed areas daily. Since most of the lactic acid/urea formulas are non-irritating, you’ll find they’re fine for daily use – but always check the packaging for application directions to make sure.

Oh, and if you fancy nabbing a discount on skin-smoothing creams, our OK! Beauty Box by Lisa Snowdon (who suffers from “chicken skin” herself) contains Ameliorate’s 3 Steps to Smooth Skin Kit. The box contents are worth a whopping £200 but you can get it for just £45 here.

Hello, smooth summer skin!


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