‘Traumatising’: Woman fury as neighbours ignore son asking for help after finding cat dead

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Marina lives in a nice detached house located in a quiet residential area with her husband and until last year, with her beloved cat.

A few months ago, her cat was run over by a car while they were away on holiday. Her son had stayed in their house to look after the cat and when the incident happened, the neighbours ignored him and refused to help, she claimed. 

Marina explained: “We had Salmon for years, we loved him very much.

“Last summer, my husband and I went on holiday to the south of Spain and my son stayed in our house to look after Salmon.

“Our home is located in a quiet neighbourhood but we live next to quite a busy street, where some cars drive very fast, especially at night.”

Marina explained that one night when they were away, Salmon was run over by a car.

Her son found him on the street the next morning.

She recalled: “As you can imagine, he was devastated.

“He was crying and screaming in the middle of the street.

“He asked for help and even a car stopped to check what was happening.

“When he realised Salmon was dead and there was nothing he could do, he took him inside the house before burying him in the garden.

“While he was on the front porch, he was very distressed, shouting and crying for a while.”

Finally, he decided to “call his uncle to ask him to come and help him.”

The woman said the neighbours, with whom they “had had a very nice friendship for more than 10 years,” were in their garden, listening to his son without really knowing what was going on and “they didn’t come over to help”.

Marina explained the two gardens are separated by a very thin fence and “you can hear everything”.

“When I found out, through another neighbour, that they heard him scream and ask for help without knowing what had happened, I was furious.

“How could they sit in their garden, listening to my son crying and screaming, and not come to see what was going on?

“Or ask if he needed help with anything?

“Especially as they knew he was on his own. I would have done the same if it was their son screaming on the other side.”

Marina explained that after more than 10 years of being “very good neighbours”, they are no longer friends.

“After that traumatising event, I know they are not good neighbours and I’m not speaking with them anymore.”

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