UK to bask in hot temperatures for three months with mid-30°C scorcher next week

It seems as though the UK has just about recovered from therecord breaking temperatures of July.

The 19th of July broke records for temperatures in the country withhigh temperatures of 40 and 41°C degrees.

Though it's far from over as the Met Office has announced that the country is set to see “above average” temperatures for the next three months.

Forecasters warn it is twice as likely compared to average years that until October will be warmer than normal and blame warming coastal waters, climate change and the return of high pressure for the prolonged period of really hot weather.

A Met Office spokesperson said: “The main signals for August are for high pressure to extend northeast towards the UK at ties, with lower pressure to the south.

“With warmer than average sea-surface temperatures in the vicinity of the UK, the chances of a warm August to October are almost twice normal.

“Given these trends, there is a slightly increased likelihood of impacts from hot weather during August, especially given the dry conditions of the past few months.”

On Monday August 1, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) issued a two-day level-2 ‘alert and readiness’ heat-health alert across eastern England.

A spokesman said: “It will be locally hot in the southeast during Tuesday and Wednesday with some notably warm nights and the potential for thresholds to be met in parts of East Anglia.”

This prolonged period of heat will also see an extended period of drought, with rain highly unlikely, according to the Met Office.

The UK can expect to see the hottest ever August as the country once again finds itself plunged into an imminent “heat surge” as a result of rising temperatures.

Speaking about the unprecedented temperatures, The Royal Meteorological Society’s Weather journal co-editor-in-chief, Simon Lee, toldThe i: “This is the world we are in – having seen 40°C in reality, we can also expect to see it appear as a possibility more frequently in ensemble forecasts.

"Back then, it was perhaps easier to discredit these scenarios as simply too extreme and too unlikely to warrant much further consideration – but then the extreme scenario became a reality on Tuesday 19 July.

“That changed everything because now we know from observations that temperatures above 40°C are achievable in the UK in the current climate.”


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