Wedding guest slammed for wearing white and ‘following bride around all day’

A guest has come under fire after a snap was shared of her wearing white to a wedding online.

To add fuel to the fire it was also reported that she followed the bride around all evening while wearing the pristine frock.

The snap was shared to online platform Reddit, and it showed the anonymous wedding guest donning an ankle-length floaty white frock as she stood only a metre-or-so away from the bride.

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Sharing the snap, the social media user wrote: "And she proceeded to follow my friend (the bride) around all night."

In the comments, she continued: "I’m not really sure what the reasoning was.

"My friend said her husband has a lot of cousins that aren’t really cousins, so I’m not sure if they’re even really related!

"She literally acted so weird all night and it was like she was following the groom around on the dance floor!"

Since the picture was shared it's attracted more than 1,000 comments, with several people claiming the guest should never have opted for white.

Many people have asked the same question: "What was she thinking?"

One person commented: "Why was she allowed to stay? I mean, to be honest, I would have said 'sorry – you have to leave'.

"Or do what another person did to a woman who wore a white dress to a wedding, spill wine on it."

A second person said: "The dress is bad enough, but why was she following the bride around? Kind of creepy."

A third added: "And conversely, imposter bride’s dress doesn’t fit her well at all.

"If you’re gonna try and upstage the bride, make a better attempt!"

Meanwhile, a fourth chirped in: "People wearing white at a wedding know what they're doing. They're trying to steal the show. Eye roll."

The person who shared the snap said the bride looked "amazing" on what was the best day of her life.

Replying to one of the comments, she added: "She really looked amazing!

"That made the whole situation even funnier because we were like 'why would you even be trying to put yourself next to her in every picture besides a failed attempt to try and steal some of her attention?'"

There was little argument supporting the guest's fashion choice – it really didn't go down well with people at all.


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