What it's REALLY like to be an escort

What it’s REALLY like to be an escort: Woman who saved £30,000 for her wedding from sex work in her 20s claims most men were ‘quite simple’ and ‘treated her nicely’ but admits she was rarely attracted to them

  • British woman on Mumsnet admits she was ‘paid for sex’ in her 20s 
  • She charged £200 per hour and used the money for her wedding years later 
  • Some inquisitive people asked if she had to sleep with ‘ugly guys’
  • Others wondered if she had any long term issues but she said she has no regrets

A woman who worked for an escort agency in her 20s has revealed what it’s really like to be a sex worker, from faking attraction to her clients to 

The anonymous woman took to UK parenting forum Mumsnet to explain the details of the sex industry, admitting she charged charged £180 – £200 per hour and managed to saved £30,000 in cash which she used for her wedding. 

She invited people to ‘ask her anything’ – prompting commenters to quiz her about sleeping with ‘ugly guys’ and if she has any regrets or any long-term issues because of it. 

The anonymous woman took to UK parenting forum Mumsnet to explain the details of the sex industry

 She admitted she was ‘paid for sex’ in her 20’s and she invited people to ‘ask her anything’- prompting inquisitive people to ask her questions such as did she sleep with ‘ugly guys’

The former escort started the conversation by simply writing: ‘I was paid for sex in my 20s. Ask me anything.’ 

Describing the clients she met through the agency, she said that ‘many were in hotels so travelling on business and were pretty clean and decent.’

‘Some were possibly drug dearlers – a bit dodgy but wanted girls for the ‘image’ and booked in groups,’ she added. ‘A few had saved up for a while for the experience, not many of them.’

Some of her clients were ‘quite young’ and others were ‘pretty old’, while some were married and others were single.  

‘Just so hard to put them all in a category except that they were straight men.’ she said.   

She admitted to getting paid up to £180 – £200 per hour however she once got a generous tip of £1000

The former escort who charged £180 – £200 per hour said her ‘biggest tip was £1000, from a guy who thought it would help me stop’.

She revealed she got into sex work because she wasn’t able to earn much from her day job. 

‘It was a regular thing. I had a day job, and then worked for about 6 years in total – averaging probably three clients a week.

‘I have a degree, but somehow didn’t t get on that well in work. I lacked confidence!’ 

Revealing what prompted her to stop, she said she started a serious relationship with a man who wasn’t a client. 

‘Marriage was on the cards. I was 29. Although I didn’t end up marrying him I never went back,’ she explained.

Another poster was curious to know if she ever had an attraction to her clients.

Another poster was curious to know if she ever had an attraction to her clients while another asked would she go back to sex work 

They said: ‘Did you ever sleep with a guy you didn’t fancy or who was ugly? Did it matter if you didn’t find them attractive?’

She admitted that most of the time she wasn’t attracted to her clients and she would hate to go back to it now because she wouldn’t be able to hide that she wasn’t enjoying it. 

She said: ‘Yes, all the time. Most of the time I didn’t find them attractive. I was working hard to make them feel nice though and feel good about themselves. 

‘I wouldn’t like to go back. I think I’d hate it now and wouldn’t be able to hide that I wasn’t enjoying it with someone less than attractive.’

Another person wondered if she needed to ‘get drunk or high to go through with it’ however she assured people she used to drive and stayed away from alcohol 

After being asked how she met her first client the women revealed she worked through an agency ‘for safety’. 

She said: ‘I worked for a very good agency. A gentleman with an arrangement with the owner always seemed to be a new girl’s first client. He was quite nice.

‘A mixture of regulars and new clients. I always worked through the agency for safety and my clients never had my telephone number. 

‘But a lot of girls would give their clients their private number and cut out the agency fee.’

The woman went on to reassure people that she didn’t have to do anything she wasn’t happy to do

The woman also admitted she wasn’t afraid to be ‘found out’ by someone she knew because she didn’t do it in her home town. 

Another person wondered if she needed to ‘get drunk or high to go through with it.’

However the poster replied: ‘No. I drove myself around to hotels etc so didn’t drink.

‘Some girls had a driver and lots would get pissed and take coke with clients. A few were coke addicts I’d guess.

A curious commenter asked:’ I don’t know how long ago this was but if it was some years ago was there a propensity towards ‘rougher’ or more ‘porn influenced’ sexual appetites as we see now? So choking, spitting etc.

Regrets: However, she did regret one trip to Dubai to meet a man which her agency had set her up with

‘It feels as though these sexual practices are now normalised but I don’t remember ever being with a man who was into this sort of thing in my 20s and 30s (now 50s). Just wondering whether it was something men used to pay for whereas now they expect their girlfriends and wives to accommodate.’

The woman went on to reassure people that she didn’t have to do anything she wasn’t happy to do.

She replied: ‘Not at all. I would never have let a client choke or spit on me. (Although quite like that with a boyfriend)

‘The owner of the agency was very clear we should never do anything we didn’t want to with them, but honestly I was never asked for that.

Luckily the woman never ran into her clients because she moved cities and says she is from ‘a different world now’

‘This was in the 2000s. I was one of the agency’s girlfriend experience girls. So basically quite vanilla – pretty, nicely spoken and ‘innocent’ type. But didn’t stray into any sub/dom (only once actually and very mildly.)’

However, she did regret one trip to Dubai to meet a man which her agency had set her up with.

‘I went to Dubai in about 2005 through a different agency. This was one of my stupider moves,’ she said.

She explained the client tried to make her give him oral sex under the table in the Ritz Carlton, but she was so scared of getting arrested she said no.

‘He was a bit shirty afterwards,’ she said. ‘But he paid £3000 for the weekend, plus my 1st class flights and my own suite . I wasn’t rebooted by that agency though!’

When asked about regrets the woman replied: ‘Honestly, I don’t have regrets because it opened up a life to me of living with more money that I’d ever been used to.

‘I’m not sure whether I have long term issues – not really. I still like men, I was always treated nicely and they are quite simple mostly.’ 

She said she was able to separate sex from feelings and her current partner doesn’t ask about it 

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