What your phone background says about you – from love to narcissism

A woman has taken to TikTok to share what she has learned about the meanings of photos people use as their phone backgrounds.

Whether it's a family, a pet or even a picture of yourself, according to Amy Hamma they all reveal something about the personality of the person who owns the device.

In the video, which has gained more than 40,000 likes, the user who posts as @amyhamma explained: "What's the background picture on your phone? Because according to experts, this is what it means.

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"If it's a picture of your family – this is my sister – It means you're a homebody and your family are your role models. Adorable.

"If it's a picture of your pet, like my dog blue here, look at her toes in this picture – they say you live in a fantasy world and you will find emotional support in your animal. Not me.

"If it's a selfie, they say it could be one of two things either, you've got great self-confidence or you're a narcissist. Oops.

"And if it's your significant other, they say you're a hopeless romantic, and you love to show off your partner."

Thousands of TikTok users then took to the comments section to express their opinions on what they were told about their lock screens.

One user wrote: "Omg the pet one is spot on."

Another added: "From personal experience, if it's a selfie it can be the complete opposite because you're insecure and it's that one good selfie so u don't feel worse."

A third commented: "I don't have one because I'm dead inside & it's all futile anyway."

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However, other users felt left out because she didn't reveal anything about some other common ones including the default screen, celebrity crushes or even comfort anime characters.

One user wrote: "What if it’s a fictional character?"

Another added: "What about celebrities?"

A third commented: "Mine is just the default, what does that mean?"


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