Woman who only dates rich men shares how to find provider husband – pays all my bills

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A luxurious lifestyle is everyone’s dream but how can you get to experience it? For Rose, the answer is to find a wealthy husband.

Rose shared her story with Express.co.uk: “One of the guys I dated was living with us at the house. We had some rented apartments and he had one for him and his wife.

“We started as friends for sure then he had some struggle with his wife. She’s a doctor always working, either studying or not in the mood.

“In the beginning, he offered to take me out, dining and casual things and he was complaining about his wife.

“I am the opposite of her so I noticed that he had a crush on me.

“He was good-looking, a provider and such a gentleman.

“So yes, why not? I dated him with other men for sure (let the best man win) but he offered all my needs.”

Rose admitted he paid for “all my phone bills, Uber, if I needed any cash and he was helping me establish my own business since he owned a business and he travelled much”.

“He loved to offer things and I couldn’t say no.”

She explained the relationship between them didn’t work out and moving forward, she plans to “only date wealthy men” until she finds the perfect “high-value” husband. But how?

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Talking about the best ways to find a rich husband Rose said “rich or wealthy men don’t marry in my community by appearance or wearing flashy high-end brands”, as opposed to other places.

She explained: “Since we’re Muslim and we don’t show or flash as much skin as other religions, men know since they got the money they can get whatever they want.

“And I agree that looks do matter but for the wealthy or the high calibre value men who have the money and take good care of you, charisma and personality is what keeps them and the impact you have on them.

“They want to be with a woman who’s average, pretty or gorgeous but knows her worth. A feminine woman, motivator, who has her own life and isn’t rude or rough,” Rose explained.

But where can women find “high-calibre” men?

Rose revealed: “I find them socialising with my rich friends and family friends even the people I met randomly on whatever place or occasion.

“You do know the high calibre society get marry to their circle right. So it’s either you know them (they’re part of your circle, and I mean a whole family, not just him) or he really falls in love with you.

“Throughout my life most of the rich men I got to know in shisha or hookah cafes in London, I swear they’re so high value… I don’t know why most of the calibre men like hookah.”

Rose shared the most important style tips to find wealthy men: “Something I noticed is they don’t like unnatural things, like wigs, bleaching or excessive makeup.

“My style is feminine classic (like the Duchess of Cambridge), I enjoy wearing monochrome clothes, I’m not that fan of floral outfits but I go for sometimes and it’s getting me real good men.

“What I learn is that beauty may capture someone’s eyes but personality always wins.

“Not all rich people like to appear themselves but by attitude and behaviour you got to know them, especially the old money families.”

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