Would YOU wear this to the work Christmas party?

Don’t take your coat off! Reveller divides opinion with her VERY revealing Christmas work party outfit – but would YOU be daring enough to wear it?

  • New York City influencer Roan McLean shared outfit she wore to a festive party
  • Consisted of a lacy see-through bodysuit with apparent lingerie and flat shoes
  • Some said the racy outfit might be too ‘scandalous’ for a work holiday party
  • Read more: Woman divides opinion with ‘revealing’ Christmas party outfit

A reveller has raised eyebrows with the revealing outfit she wore to a work Christmas party.

New York City-based influencer Roan McLean shared the lacy outfit on her TikTok account before heading to a party she was attending in a professional capacity. 

For the occasion, she opted to wear a see-through lacy bodysuit with equally racy black lingerie, with a blush pink winter coat to keep the chill out.  

While some people loved the outfit and said they would wear something similar if they had Roan’s looks, others said the bodysuit was too revealing for a festive party, even if she was attending an event for influencers. 

New York City-based influencer Roan McLean shared the lacy outfit she put together on her TikTok account before heading to a party she was attending in a professional capacity

At the start of the video, the influencer revealed she was preparing for a festive party 

Roan shared a play-by-play of how she put the outfit together, showing the suit before and after she put it on. 

She paired it with a lacy black bra and a thong that left very little to the imagination. 

At some point, she tried to layer up with by putting a black skirt over it, and wearing a black bodysuit underneath. 

But she didn’t like the look of it, and decided to ditch the extra layers and team her outfit with a pair of flat ballerina shoes from Repetto. 

The influencer paired the look with lacy black lingerie, flat shoes and a black ribbon in her hair, as well as a pink coat, not pictured 

To top off the look, she tied her hair with a black ribbon, and added some sparkle with a few pieces of jewelry and a heart-shaped black cross body bag. 

While Roan was confident about the look she put together, other felt it was a bit racy for a festive occasion. 

‘Don’t take the coat off at the party,’ one sneered.   

‘We go to very different holiday parties,’ one said. 

‘Too scandalous? Ya think,’ one added. 

Roan felt very confident about the look. She covered up with a vintage pink coat with a fur collar

Roan got mixed reaction for the outfit. Some people loved it, but others said they felt it was too racy for a festive party 

”For the club but for Christmas party…naaah,’ another wrote. 

‘You look beautiful and I love the outfit but I’m literally so confused,’ one wrote. 

Some said they loved the look and that they didn’t understand the negative attention Roan’s outfit was getting. 

‘My insecurity could never but you ROCK this suit, damn girl,’ one said. 

‘I’m BAFFLED by these negative comments. I’m sorry….WHAT? She looks literally incredible,’ one typed. 

‘Office Christmas party look sorted,’ another commented. 

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